Utilizing Social Media in Account-Based Marketing

Utilizing Social Media in Account-Based Marketing

Utilizing Social Media in Account-Based Marketing

For enterprise-level organizations (and savvy smaller ones), a popular emerging marketing trend is account-based marketing. In the simplest fashion, practitioners of account-based marketing treat individual accounts as a market of one—essentially, you work with your prospects and leads on a personalized basis. This might seem like additional work, but it is far easier than you might think—thanks to your fully-stocked marketing toolbox.

Social media is a wonderful marketing tool for account-based marketing. First, it can help you gather information about your clients and prospects so that you can better address their individual needs. Secondly, social media gives you a personal channel, which you can use to target these clients, speaking directly to them about the things that benefit them most.

Account-based marketing via social media breaks down into three different stages:


Social media activity provides you with incredible insight into a potential client’s life, but all too often we don’t make any use of it. Many marketers target their audience with broad messages using this information, but account-based marketing lets you go beyond generalized targeting with tailored messaging that is personalized for your clients.

A robust listening program can tell you what your clients and prospective clients are talking about, and the language they use. You can determine their social channel(s) of preference, the pain points they experience, the challenges in their day-to-day lives, and maybe even the frustrations of their clients in turn.

Building a listening program gives you a sneak peek into the minds (and needs) of your customers, which allows you to speak to them as individuals rather than as part of a broad group.

Starting the conversation

Once you establish what your target clients would like to hear, and how you can best deliver that information, you can begin crafting messages that address those desires. This is where we add something new to the mixture—employee advocacy.

This may seem odd, but the strategy is based on a simple fact; we trust people more than we trust brands. This means that a message from a human being, even if that human being works for a brand, will garner a better reaction on social media than a message from the company.

The participants in your employee advocacy program act as beacons of the message you want to share. By honing your message based on your listening program, you can reach out to your target clients with messaging tailored to them, speaking to and giving them exactly what they need.

Building the relationship

Once you have a conversation started, you need to continue feeding that interaction to build a relationship with the client. This is where social media can really shine in account-based marketing. Effective account-based marketing requires more than a single interaction or transaction. Your listening and initial connection are just stepping stones to building a longer-term and more mutually profitable relationship.

This is where social media and employee advocacy come together as the secret sauce of account-based marketing. Using them, you can establish an effective listening program, monitor and personally interact with larger numbers of clients, and ensure that all interactions are kept consistent with your overall tailored marketing message.

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Brad Yeater

Brad Yeater

Bradley Yeater is the former Marketing Manager at GaggleAMP.

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