Your employee advocates can achieve much more than your company alone could do on its own in regards to social media and content marketing. One of the biggest impacts that your advocates can make pertains to brand awareness. Your company may boast a network of followers that far surpasses any given employee’s network in terms of quantity, but your employees have the ability to extend your brand awareness beyond your immediate social reach, touching users who may have been attainable only through said employees. Click here to learn three ways to identify your employee advocates. 

Building Brand Awareness Through Employee Advocates

Raise Brand Awareness Through Sheer Numbers

Brand awareness is itself relatively easy to achieve, as you just need to get your brand presented to any given user. Whether or not that user chooses to engage with the content on social media and, thus, the brand is another story completely. Before you even begin to consider the implications of employee advocates on the activation of awareness into engagement, it’s necessary to consider the basic concept of ‘power in numbers’. That is, your employees bring to the table a user network that adds to the numbers of people you can reach on social media, and that is the key to raising brand awareness.

Advocates Spreading Engaging Content = More Awareness

When employee advocates share your content, they’re putting your brand in front of their immediate network of users; that’s brand awareness. But the best part is that if your content is engaging, it’s going to compound its potential for showing up on more user’s timelines and homepages because more people are clicking on your content. This can quickly snowball into an exponential increase in how many users get to see your content and, thus, how much brand awareness you’re getting through your employee advocates.

Turn Awareness into Engagement

At the same time, your advocates are viewed as more authentic and trustworthy sources of information than your company. Users are statistically more likely to engage with content when it’s pushed out through an advocate than when it comes directly from a company. This means that not only are you gaining brand awareness through the utilization of your employee’s social networks, but you’re also more likely to garner user engagement with your content in addition to simply increasing awareness. The best part is that with tools like GaggleAMP, your advocates really don’t have to do much work at all to gain these extraordinary results!

Your employee advocates are a resource that can inflate your brand’s awareness. Through their social networks, your advocates can reach more users (brand awareness) and are more likely to engage those users as well.