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Empowering over 100,000 people through employee advocacy
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    Maximus Helps Employees Grow Their Personal Brands With the Adoption of GaggleAMP

    Maximus is a government contractor who does work on the state, local, and federal levels. They help ...

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    Teachstone’s 2x Social Media Success: Doubling Clicks with GaggleAMP

    “Every child deserves life-changing teachers.” That’s the motto at Teachstone, the makers of a classroom ...

    Contrast Security svg

    Contrast Security Triples Monthly Social Media Clicks & Interactions

    Employees on GaggleAMP account for approximately two-thirds of Contrast Security’s social media clicks and interactions while contributing to a nearly 13,000 increase in ...

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    Buurst Saves Over $20k On CPC Spend In Just Four Months With GaggleAMP

    Buurst used the GaggleAMP platform to empower its employees to be industry thought leaders on LinkedIn. In return, the company saved over $20,000 on cost-per-click spending in just four months. ...


    Leoforce Adopts GaggleAMP to Drive Social Amplification for Lead Gen

    Using webinars and partnerships as both education and lead generation efforts, Leoforce adopted GaggleAMP to help drive webinar sign-ups and ...


    Capital Rx Drives a 395% Increase in Message Reach With GaggleAMP

    Capital Rx uses GaggleAMP to drive social awareness, engagement, and increase brand awareness with the help of its employees. With 30 initial pilot Members, Capital Rx has ...

    HR Acuity Logo

    HR Acuity Builds Up Employees by Driving 1.1K+ in Social Interactions

    HR Acuity tapped GaggleAMP to help empower employees to share and get ...


    Learnerbly Has a 54% Increase in Organic Social Traffic with GaggleAMP

    Learnerbly uses GaggleAMP to increase brand awareness in the emerging performance enablement industry. With their Gaggle of just 25 Members ...

    recruiterboom logo

    Recruiting Firm Recruiterboom Boosts Engagement With GaggleAMP

    recruiterboom uses GaggleAMP to promote upcoming events and open positions they are looking to fill. A small but mighty team, recruiterboom ...

    Pivot3 Logo

    Pivot3 Disrupts Entrenched Competitors With Social Media Solution

    Pivot3 delivers smarter hyperconverged infrastructure for high performance Enterprise IT workloads. They turned to GaggleAMP to help them better compete for share of voice on social media. ...


    Staffing Firm JBC Recruits Top Applicants With GaggleAMP

    JBC uses GaggleAMP to draw in applicants for all of its clients’ open positions and has been doing so for close to six years. Nearly 100 of the staffing firm’s ...

    Magna 5 Logo

    Magna5 Calls GaggleAMP “a Key Pillar” of Its Marketing Efforts

    By empowering employees to be thought leaders on social media using GaggleAMP, Magna5 drove 8% of the company’s total sales pipeline, organically ...

    Colonial Life Logo (1)

    Colonial Life’s Hunt For An Employee Advocacy Platform

    When Chris Winston of Colonial Life searched for an employee advocacy platform to get his company active on social media, he was met with unique challenges.

    Ricoh Company svg

    Ricoh Canada’s Strategic Launch of an Employee Advocacy Program

    No matter the size of your organization, having a strong social media presence can be a tough task.

    The Predictive Index Turns Around Social Media Metrics With GaggleAMP

    Erin Balsa of The Predictive Index faced the challenge of getting employees to share content on social media.

    WGroup Logo

    WGroup Builds $2 Million Sales Pipeline Through Employee Advocacy

    Domenic Colasante, CMO of WGroup, faced the challenge of getting employees to promote their company’s content and initiatives on social media.

    SmartBug Media

    SmartBug Gets Employee Advocacy Program Up And Running With GaggleAMP

    Jen Spencer of SmartBug Media, an inbound marketing agency, wrestled with several methods to get coworkers involved with the SMB’s

    SendGrid Logo

    SendGrid’s Social Media KPIs Take Off With GaggleAMP

    Having a strong social media presence is a tough task for small marketing teams, but

    Carbon Black Logo

    Carbon Black Boosts its Marketing and PR Initiatives with GaggleAMP

    Ryan Murphy of Carbon Black wanted a way to expand his company’s social media reach. He knew that employees were the key but didn’t have ...

    Creation Logo

    Creation Agency Helps Clients Improve Cost Per Lead with GaggleAMP

    Jason Sibley, CEO of Creation Agency, was on the lookout for a more effective approach to digital marketing than traditional methods most ...

    Dynatrace Logo

    Dynatrace Increases Social Engagement 10x with GaggleAMP

    Dynatrace APM tools provide user experience analysis that identifies and resolves application performance issues. As a market leader, they looked to GaggleAMP to ...

    Informatica Logo

    Informatica Powerfully Equips Employees via GaggleAMP

    Informatica’s software helps enterprises make data easy to use. They turned to GaggleAMP to help their

    Proforma Logo

    GaggleAMP Helps Proforma Drive Revenue For Its Franchise Owners

    Proforma is a global marketing solutions provider with a network of 750 franchise owners. With such a widespread owner network, Proforma saw a huge opportunity to ...

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