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The Predictive Index Turns Around Social Media Metrics With GaggleAMP


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  • Marketing

Use Case

  • Brand Awareness and Engagement


  • 4X Social Reach to 4.1M in Just 9 Months
  • 7X Increase in Interactions
  • Grew From 15% Active Membership to over 55%

The Predictive Index Turns Around Social Media Metrics With GaggleAMP

Erin Balsa of The Predictive Index faced the challenge of getting employees to share content on social media.

The tech company was about to launch a new market category—talent optimization—and needed to set the wheels in motion. As the content marketing manager, Erin saw the lack of sharing by employees as a major issue, so she focused on turning it around by making employee advocacy part of her company’s culture.


“We knew that we needed our employees to spread the word if we were going to be successful in sharing talent optimization with the world."

Erin Balsa

Marketing Director at The Predictive Index


To do this, Erin used GaggleAMP to strategically get employees involved and notify them on what to promote, how they can do it, and what incentives are in it for them.



Identify a Strategic Rollout

Erin needed to get as many employees as she could to buy-in to the program, so she formulated her rollout strategy.

Through a company-wide Slack message, Erin let her coworkers know about the platform, what it is, and why they should use it. She further explained what sharing content can do for the organization and how easy it is for employees to contribute.


"If employees had to go on the platform [to] copy and paste and take multiple steps, it just wouldn't happen. But with GaggleAMP, it's just a click of a button. They don't have to think about [sharing the content]. The platform makes it easy."

Erin Balsa

Marketing Director at The Predictive Index


With the company growing rapidly, she also began teaching new hires about GaggleAMP on a monthly basis. Every new hire gets training on GaggleAMP, and they learn what the purpose of the program is and how to use the platform, which helps grow the employee advocacy program.

Attracting Employees to Participate in Employee Advocacy

In order to attract new members and keep them motivated to contribute longterm, Erin incorporated gamification.

Using GaggleAMP, the marketing team at The Predictive Index can assign points to each activity it asks employees to carry out. With the platform’s scoreboard feature, they can see which members of the program garnered the most points. The marketing team can’t see which specific activities members of the program performed, but they can see the total points each person earned over an allotted span of time.

The marketing team awards Amazon gift cards to people who reach certain milestones. Employees in the program like earning the rewards, and they compete with each other to rise up the scoreboard.

This shows employees across the company that the employee advocacy programs are easy to be a part of, an easy way to earn gift cards, and it helps the company build and expand its reach.

Employee Advocacy Increased Interactions Nearly 7x

Since Erin took the reigns of the employee advocacy program, there has been a major increase in several social media metrics at The Predictive Index.


The Predictive Index Results Table-1


The company’s social media reach nearly quadrupled to over 4.1 million, its interactions increased by more than 7x to 910, and its clicks increased by more than 10x to 1,507. Furthermore, just 15% of the 160 employees were active members of the company’s employee advocacy program, but it has since grown to 55% of the employee population in less than ten months.


"It's really helped us get our message out."

Erin Balsa

Marketing Director at The Predictive Index


Erin looks to continue to grow the program and further improve the results by continuing to communicate the benefits and results to the rest of the company.

Employee Advocacy Promotes Company Transparency

At the end of every month, the marketing team sends out a Slack message to update the company on the program’s performance.

In this message, they share different metrics, such as the number of clicks the program brought in, and they praise the program’s strongest advocates by sharing who earned Amazon gift cards that month.

“We make a big stinking deal out of it,” Erin said. “It goes hand in hand with what we’re trying to do in terms of building a culture of content creation and building a culture of content sharing.”