How to Increase Your Social Reach

Effective Strategies to Boost Your Social Reach

For many businesses, social media provides another outlet wherein they can generate leads that could translate into an increase in sales. Indeed, effective lead generation starts with your marketing, and your social media presence can make or break the reach that will domino into a boost in sales, customers, and relationships. With such potential, knowing ways to increase your social media reach is the beginning of the battle. 

Optimize your profiles, content, and presence.
While posting effective content is great, you’re truly missing out on potential leads if you haven’t optimized the content itself as well as your profiles as a whole. Optimization means keeping content concise while tagging and prioritizing information in order to reach groups of networks. For instance, hashtags are a great way to touch hidden networks that may have otherwise been inaccessible. Your profile, URL, logo, and posts all need to keep in mind that without optimizing them with descriptions pertinent to your area and your brand, you’re missing out on the largest audience possible

Create effective content. As if we haven’t harped on this enough, effective content can truly dampen the effects of your social media strategy and shorten the reach of your marketing efforts. Make your profile worth following by creating content that is useful, valuable, and targeting to your ideal customer. While selling products and services is the end goal, nobody finds profiles interesting when they’re hard-selling their brand on a constant basis.

Promote and make content accessible. While you may say that social media is a promotional tool, make sure that you’re utilizing other marketing areas to also draw customers on to your social media pages. Make sure that your pages are accessible by adding ‘share’, ‘follow’, and ‘like’ buttons wherever possible. It’s a great way to ensure that users have the easiest access available to your content as well as having the easiest access to sharing it as well.

Interact, engage, and communicate with users. You may have a big following, but when users see that their opinions or comments matter because you took the time to respond, they become loyal clients who are more likely to promote your social media efforts. In the end, they are your fast-track to tapping into other networks and extending your reach.

Leverage employees and stakeholders. You already have groups of users that are fans of your business. Why not use them to help expand your reach? Simply feeding them content via email can yield impressive results to your social reach but if you’re ready to take it to the next level, a solution like GaggleAMP can boost your advocacy programs to new heights!

We know that extending your social reach is the best way to generate new leads that could lead to an increase in sales. Make sure that your efforts are effective!


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