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The Keys to Making Social Media Amplification Work

Posted on 04/25/2017

Social network ad spending is on the rise around the world, but money alone does not buy consumer loyalty, it just buys a moment of attention. And even if your budget increases, your competition can increase their budget as well. So how do you get ahead? The solution is unpaid (organic) social media.

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Introduction to Gamification in Employee Advocacy Programs (and the rest of your business)

Posted on 12/13/2016

In our modern, efficiency-obsessed economy, the idea of a secret system that can make your employees more loyal, effective, and efficient seems too good to be true - but it actually is a real thing. They key is to tap into the elements of what we do for fun and bring those mechanics into the day-to-day workplace. Basically, you make work into a game through the process of gamification.

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Why Your Employees Aren’t Sharing Marketing Content—and Why They Should Be

Posted on 11/08/2016

Do you consider your employees when formulating your social media strategy?

Your employees are a more valuable resource than you think. Employee social sharing can produce eight times more interaction than content shared by your brand alone, and it can be re-shared as much as 25 times more frequently.

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4 Tips for Creating a Social Media Calendar

Posted on 10/27/2016

A social media content calendar is arguably the most important device in any social media strategy. Planning and scheduling content saves time and helps reduce the chance for errors or over posting. As a bonus, having a pre-planned social media content calendar ensures you maintain business continuity within your social media implementation; not only does it keep you on the right track - if you ever need to use a backup employee for social media duties, they can do so with ease.

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5 Ways to Tell That Your Social Media Strategy is Not Working

Posted on 10/18/2016

The use of social media as a marketing tool is on the rise. Statista estimates that in 2016, social media spending by marketers in the United States will reach $11.72 billion dollars in 2016, and will rise to $13.51 billion dollars in 2017. Unfortunately, a marketing budget, no matter how robust, is no substitute for a comprehensive social media strategy. A social media strategy defines your goals, your target audience, how you intend to reach that audience, and how you intend to measure your success. If you’re missing any of these elements, your success will be more dependent on luck than it will be on marketing ability.

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The Key Social Media Metrics Your Boss Cares About

Posted on 10/11/2016

The world of social media can be daunting when it comes to metrics. If you are not entirely sure what metrics to target, you are not alone. Questions about social media metrics don’t just keep social media managers like you awake at night, your boss isn’t always sure exactly what measurements they want from you.  Many CMO’s at the top of their company’s hierarchy also face challenges when measuring the value of their department’s efforts. Providing the right metrics to your boss (the CMO) helps demonstrate the value of your work and it helps them do their job better as well.

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The Social Media Policy

Posted on 04/20/2016

In this digital age, the corporate social media policy is the common tool for guiding employee’s positive use of digital media.

The purpose of a company social media policy is to guide and instruct employees on how to use social media responsibly and positively to create goodwill among customers and potential customers considering purchasing your service or product or shopping at your store or dining at your restaurant. The social media policy is also a guide and tool to gently remind employees about the diversity of viewpoints and opinions of your customers. And that that diversity should be forefront in employees’ mind prior to interacting on social media. Employees may care deeply about personal beliefs and hot button topics such as politics or religion, and they can discuss those on their own time, but shouldn’t use social media, in their role as employees, to argue or offend customers or potential customers.

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Test Your Social Media Marketing Might!

Posted on 04/12/2016

Here at GaggleAMP, we know how important it is to stay up to date with the ever changing social media landscape. We've created the quiz below to help you make sure your knowledge is up to date. There are 15 questions to the quiz. Feel free to take it with your team and share with your friends. Just remember to have fun!

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5 Statistics About Employee Engagement

Posted on 03/21/2016

Employee engagement is the emotional and functional commitment an employee has to his or her organization, and your brand depends on it! The interactivity and engagement of your employees will boost your company beyond just ‘making a paycheck’ - it can increase profits, reduce turnover rates, and improve your social media campaigns. GaggleAMP relies on employees who are engaged with their company. Here are 5 statistics about employee engagement that may surprise you.

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4 Ways to Improve Landing Page Conversion Rates

Posted on 12/30/2015

Conversion rates are a great way to gain insight into how engaging your landing page is for users, as it is concrete data that shows you how many passersby have turned into leads.

Converting users into customers depends on your ability to turn a browser into a buyer, and your landing page is ground zero. Many times, users are attracted to your company and brand through a multitude of sources. Click here to learn how you can create sale referrals through employee content sharing. Whether they’ve been referred by a colleague, engaged by an employee, or have simply stumbled across your webpage as they browsed online, the ‘make-or-break’ point occurs during their time spent on your landing page.

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