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Authentic Engagement Comes From Within

Posted on 03/21/2017

Ultimately, the goal of any marketing strategy that involves employee engagement is to connect your employees with prospects or current customers in authentic one-on-one conversations, even if within social media. Your employees are an expert in your brand and will serve the company well as they share content on behalf of the company collective voice.

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Your Employees as Beacons for Digital Success

Posted on 03/07/2017

Sharing your company’s message in the digital world is a powerful and important aspect to the success of any marketing strategy. Truth is, that is how customers are born and maintained. Your employees are at the heart of this process. Through their already established digital presence, they can relay the message of your company within their network, and hopefully beyond.

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Topics: Employee Advocacy, Employee Engagement, Marketing, Strategy

Aligning Marketing with Employee Engagement

Posted on 02/21/2017

2017 will see a lot of battle lines drawn the field of customer experience, and in order to win you need to align your marketing with your employee engagement efforts.

This battle is already underway – in fact, it started years ago. A 2014 survey by Gartner indicated that 89% of companies expected to compete mostly on the basis of customer experience. According to that same survey, less than 50% of companies surveyed believed their customer experience capabilities were superior to their competitors, but two-thirds expected to be leading the industry (or at least exceeding their peers) within five years.

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The Many Stakeholders for Your Marketing Efforts

Posted on 02/07/2017

Your marketing plan is in place with the necessary information to carry out your action and bring your product or concept to market. You know exactly what you want to measure, but you’re missing a key attribute: digital engagements. Basically, you need to ask how you are specifically engaging other stakeholders as part of your digital marketing strategy. Knowing who your stakeholders are becomes essential to the outcome of any marketing action.

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Involving & Motivating Employees in Your Marketing Strategy

Posted on 01/24/2017

Employee advocacy is one of the most efficient ways to share your company’s message. Employees have a stake in your company since that is how they make a living already. That doesn’t mean they are always aware of what the company is trying to accomplish through marketing efforts. Your employee engagement strategies should be simple and clear cut, so all employees can easily share the message.

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What is Authentic Engagement?

Posted on 01/05/2017

Building authentic engagement can be tricky, but in the business world it can be the difference between one sale and an ongoing relationship. Without this missing piece, corporations are undermining the effectiveness of their overall marketing efforts. As important as this strategy is, you will rarely see authentic engagement measured or even discussed on a marketing report.

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The Power of Recognition

Posted on 11/15/2016

Employee engagement—and a lack thereof—impacts overall productivity in companies across America. In a March survey, Gallup found that 49.5% of employees were "not engaged" and 16.5% were "actively disengaged." This means that about six out of every ten employees in your organization might not be performing at their best. Unfortunately, this is not a new trend. Employee engagement has lagged for years, and frankly we are in the middle of a worldwide employee engagement crisis

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6 Steps to Successful Employee Advocacy Programs

Posted on 05/18/2016

Paul Gillin shared a post to the Silicon Angle blog that discussed six steps to successful employee advocacy programs learned at AMPlify: The Employee Advocacy Conference.  At AMPlify, practitioners converged from companies of all sizes and shared their recommendations for getting employee advocacy off the ground and scaling it across the enterprise. In summary Paul has the following suggestions:

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Employees on Social Media

Posted on 04/18/2016

With the blurring of lines of public/private lives of corporate employees, companies are now faced with a new dilemma that didn’t really exist a few years ago. How should companies respond when an employee’s behavior in a clearly private, personal setting spreads virally on social media? How does a Fortune 1000 public relations professional respond to an executive’s egregious behavior - that happened in a non-work, private setting - when reporters start asking questions about the company’s response?

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4 Tips to Help Employees Get Comfortable Using Social Media

Posted on 04/15/2016

Social media is an integral part to any successful company’s marketing strategy, and employees play a large role in its success. Unfortunately, many of your employees may not find the virtual world an inviting place, and getting comfortable may require a little assistance. Your company has unlimited potential to extending your social reach through employee advocacy. Getting all of your employees on board and acclimated on social media can help you achieve your goals.

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