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Social Media Marketing World 2018 Speakers: Bake These Methods Into Your Marketing Strategy

Posted on 02/20/2018

There are many different methods B2B marketers have at their disposal for their social media strategies, but they need the right plan of attack in order to be successful. In this Q&A, we spoke with expert marketers scheduled to speak at Social Media Marketing World 2018 who described the methods they use, common mistakes they see marketers make, and how to correct these issues.

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It’s Never Too Late To Start An Employee Advocacy Program

Posted on 01/25/2018

A growing strategy organizations of all sizes use to promote their brand and initiatives is employee advocacy.

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Topics: Content Marketing, Employee Advocacy, Employee Engagement, Employees as Advocates, Social Media Strategy

7 Ways to Improve Employee Communications

Posted on 11/14/2017

In June of 2005, Steve Jobs gave the commencement address at Stanford. One amazing part sticks out that explains the importance of employee communications. He explained,"Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work." This seems simple, but 70% of employees do not know how their day-to-day work fits in with the goals of their company. For many employees, the largest obstacle to doing great work is understanding what great work would actually look like in their role.

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Topics: Employee Engagement, internal communications

How Marketing Can Help Your Employee Engagement Efforts

Posted on 09/19/2017

It is no surprise that the marketing profession is based on the ability to build customer engagement. But this industry has evolved from its early “Mad Men” days, and now makes active use of expertise; proven practices; and technologies to target crafted content in ways that earlier generations of marketers could only dream of. One of the greatest impacts you can generate from your marketing strategy however, is when you turn your attention and focus internally and target your marketing at your own workforce.

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Topics: B2B Marketing, Employee Advocacy, Employee Engagement, marketing strategy

The Benefits of an Informed Workforce

Posted on 08/29/2017

The more engaged your employees are, the more effective they are. This has been a truth in the business world for quite some time, and if you are conducting an employee advocacy program in your workplace, it is just as important—if not more so.

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Topics: Employee Advocacy, Employee Engagement

Engaging Employees through Effective Internal Communications

Posted on 07/04/2017

Workplace communication is a world in the midst of an evolution. Email tends to form the backbone of many corporate communication strategies, but as the volume of electronic mail increases, this approach to information transmission becomes vastly inefficient, and ineffective. 

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Topics: Employee Engagement, internal communications, internal marketing

The Difference Between Employee Advocacy and Employee Engagement

Posted on 04/11/2017

Getting your employees to share your content on social media can be a challenging endeavour, but the effort is well worth it. The chance to amplify the content your organization produces is an opportunity not to be missed, but to succeed with any program like this, you need to understand one simple equation:

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Topics: Employee Advocacy, Employee Engagement, Marketing, Social Media Amplification

The Voice of Your Stakeholders

Posted on 04/04/2017

Having a unified voice helps your employees to represent the culture of your company through high-quality digital engagement strategies that rely on employee advocacy. The single voice presents the message for the brand and the brand assets, no matter where the message is shared: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or elsewhere. In this light, when we think collectively about brand assets, we think about the message to be sent from a brand’s corporate center.

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