10 Employee Engagement Platforms We Love

Employee Engagement Platforms

Engaged workforces tend to operate more efficiently and have lower employee turnover.

However, keeping employees engaged is challenging as you can't force employees to have meaningful conversations with each other.

Fortunately, plenty of employee engagement platforms can positively stimulate engagement by making communication fun and rewarding.

Below are a few of our favorite employee engagement platforms that improve internal communication and overall employee satisfaction for a happier and more productive workplace.

1. GaggleAMP

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Employee advocacy is when employees share company content with their social media networks. It's a powerful content promotion strategy as the reach of your employees' combined networks often equates to the network size of several influencers.

It's also a great way to keep employees up-to-date with your brand's latest goals and achievements.

However, many employee advocacy programs fail because managers can't keep employees engaged.

We quickly learned that the key to improving overall employee engagement is to reduce the effort required by employees.

The best method to do this is to provide very specific employee engagement instructions to eliminate questions like:

  • Which piece of content should I engage with?
  • What am I allowed to say?
  • How often should I engage?
  • Which social media platforms should I engage on?

GaggleAMP is an employee advocacy platform that solves these problems by allowing managers to assign personalized employee engagement activities at scale.

You can select an engagement activity and then add specific instructions like the exact social media post employees should engage with and how to engage with it (e.g., like, comment, share).

Then, you can assign it to specific employees or groups of employees.

Those employees then receive a personalized list of engagement activities they can complete in their Gaggle.

Here's a more detailed overview of how it works.

Step 1: Select an Engagement Activity

To get started, select a specific engagement activity. GaggleAMP offers custom engagement activities (like, comment, share, etc.) for all mainstream social media platforms.

GaggleAmp New Activity Dashboard

You can see how this already clarifies exactly how you want employees to engage.

Step 2: Add Details to the Engagement Activity

Next, you can add specific details to the engagement activity, like a few sentences telling employees what you’d like them to say and an expiration date (so that employees are never overwhelmed by a backlog of dated activities).

GaggleAmp Question Activity for LinkedIn

An example of a GaggleAMP Question Activity where the Members response

becomes the content on the post on LinkedIn.

This way, employees know:

  • Which social media platform to engage on.
  • Which post to engage with.
  • The engagement action they should perform (like, reshare, comment, etc.).
  • Guidance on what they should say.
  • The date by which they should complete the activity.

As you can see, this reduces the guesswork for employees and makes engaging with your brand very straightforward.

Step 3: Assign Engagement Activities to Employees

To ensure each employee engages with relevant content, you can assign engagement activities to groups of employees (e.g., the sales team, executive team, etc.).

Or, you can assign an engagement activity to a specific employee.


Step 4: Employees Complete the Engagement Activities

Once you assign an engagement activity, your employees receive a notification (via Slack or email) that they have new activities waiting.

They can click the notification link to visit their personal Gaggle portal. Inside the portal, they'll see the engagement activities you've assigned along with your specific instructions (e.g, the social media post, the platform, the engagement action, an expiration date, etc.).

Organic Social Media - Things to Do

Employees can complete the engagement activities directly inside their Gaggle and even schedule them to publish at a future date/time.

This makes it easy for employees to complete all of their engagement activities in one sitting, so they only have to devote 10-15 minutes per week to employee advocacy. As a result, they're much more likely to engage consistently.


Step 5: Track Employee Engagement and Analytics

GaggleAMP makes it super easy to track your employees' engagement and your overall employee advocacy program's impact.

First, the leaderboard is visible to your internal team and ranks employees by engagement efforts. Gamification inspires friendly competition among employees so that they continue to engage, and it allows you to reward the top performers for their efforts.

GaggleAMP Rewards Example Image

In addition, the traditional analytics dashboard shows you key metrics like estimated earned media value, total unique activities created, number of social interactions, shares, and clicks.

GaggleAMP Product Overview

Who Is It For?

  • Companies with 50 plus employees that want to improve engagement and brand advocacy.
  • Social media and content marketing managers who want to amplify content.
  • Sales teams that want to improve social selling efforts.

Key Features

  • Create specific engagement activities with detailed instructions like what post to engage with, how to engage, guidance on what they might want to say, and an expiration date.
  • Assign specific engagement activities to employees at scale (e.g., the sales team, executive team, etc.).
  • Personalized Slack, Microsoft Teams, or email notifications to alert employees when they have new activities.
  • Personalized Gaggle portals for employees which include a list of relevant engagement activities with specific engagement instructions and scheduling options.
  • Internal leaderboard to add gamification and encourage friendly competition among employees.
  • Analytics dashboard to measure estimated earned media value, total reach, total shares, etc.


  • Designed specifically for employee advocacy rather than a generic social media management platform with employee engagement features.
  • Reduces the effort required by employees to engage thanks to personal Gaggle portals for each employee with a list of specific engagement requests and automated post scheduling.
  • Unite employees to work together to elevate the most important content by assigning specific engagement activities to groups of employees (e.g., sales team, execs, etc.).
  • Gamification features like the leaderboard encourage long-term employee engagement.
  • Salesforce integration to aid social selling efforts.
  • Intuitive user interface that makes onboarding easy and requires very little training for employees.
  • Work with a dedicated customer success manager to optimize your employee advocacy program (not just set up your program).


  • It’s not designed for small startups with just a couple of employees.
  • It’s not designed for companies that aren’t interested in investing in long-term social media growth.


GaggleAMP pricing starts at $300 per month and includes the following features:

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Source: GaggleAMP

2. Lattice

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Source: Lattice

Lattice is an employee engagement platform that makes it easy to track employee performance, set OKRs, and improve general engagement.

Its engagement feature allows you to run employee surveys, pulse surveys, and NPS surveys to gauge general employee sentiment.

The performance management feature allows team leaders to schedule performance reviews, one-on-ones and, publicly celebrate employee achievements.

You can also create onboarding flows to help new hires become acquainted with your company and find necessary materials.

HR managers can also access detailed analytics like sentiment analysis and even manage compensation in a single dashboard.

As you can see, it's an all-in-one employee management platform and is, therefore, a good fit for larger companies with substantial HR teams.


Lattice Pricing Plans

Source: Lattice

3. Cooleaf

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Source: Cooleaf

Cooleaf is an employee experience management software designed to help remote, hybrid, and in-house teams improve productivity.

Its general approach to employee engagement is to reward high-performing employees for their efforts.

A core part of the platform is its performance incentives and team recognition features. For example, you can send employees digital gift cards and swag when they hit a milestone.

There is also an internal team communication feature streamlining general employee communication and providing a place for employees to celebrate wins.

It also offers a challenge library with hundreds of virtual team building exercises.

Inside the manager's dashboard, you can outline your employee engagement strategy and run surveys to collect employee feedback and gain insights into general employee happiness and sentiment.


Cooleaf doesn’t offer any pricing information, but you can request to book a demo.

4. Awardco

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Source: Awardco

Awardco specializes in improving company culture through employee recognition and rewards.

You can manage multiple customizable rewards programs from a single dashboard so that employees always feel appreciated and continue to perform at their best.

Awardco offers four main features:

  1. Recognition: Easily recognize employees by sending congratulatory messages for their efforts/achievements. You can also add points that they can later redeem for awards.

  2. Service Awards: You can celebrate employees' hard work by sending them custom, branded care packages.

  3. Rewards: You can connect with Amazon business to automatically send prizes to employees as they earn them. It also lets you provide tickets to events, book hotels, select gift cards, or make a charitable donation.

  4. Incentives: You can create automated incentives so that employees automatically receive a reward when they complete an activity (like a new training).

As a tool specializing in employee recognition, it also offers a handful of unique features like lifestyle spending (an allowance employees can spend on wellness products). If employees are offline, they can still access rewards with AwardCodes, which is ideal for companies with field workers and other professions with limited internet access.

Awardco integrates with most tools you already use, like Slack, Microsoft Team, Notion, HubSpot, Salesforce, Google Drive, and more.


Awardco does not offer any public pricing information, but you can request a live demo.

5. Team Building

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Source: Team Building

Team-building activities are a great tool to improve employee engagement, but organizing an event can be a logistical nightmare.

Team Building makes it easier.

It lets you book in-person, hybrid, or virtual events, and they'll design the session for you.

Most sessions are about 90 minutes and consist of various games ranging from icebreakers to Team Building's proprietary communication games.

Each event is guided by Team Building-trained employees rather than third-party contractors, so you can always expect the same seamless experience.


Teambuilding Pricing

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6. QuizBreaker

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Source: QuizBreaker

When your employees view each other as people rather than other members of your organization, they're much more likely to work together more effectively and support each other.

To help employees get to know each other in a fun, friendly way, QuizBreaker sends an automated daily quiz with interesting trivia questions about each team member.

For example, QuizBreaker might send a question to employees asking, "What is Todd's favorite breakfast food?"

Then, employees have fun guessing the answer and learn something new about Todd. This helps facilitate relationship building which ultimately makes the team more productive and can help improve employee retention.

You can also add gamification to your quizzes by awarding points for employee engagement efforts and providing prizes for the most engaged employees.

QuizBreaker only takes about three minutes to set up and is mobile-friendly so that employees can access and complete quizzes on the go.


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7. Asana

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Asana is a project management software, so it's much more than just an employee engagement solution.

However, its internal communication functionalities help employees engage with each other more effectively, which improves general team performance and reduces communication friction.

Diving into the dashboard, Asana allows users to create projects, assign tasks, add due dates, and track team member progress. You can also tag team members and create comments directly on tacks to make communication more organized.

Even though it doesn't have engagement features like rewards or incentives, its organizational capabilities are greatly appreciated and ultimately improve employee satisfaction.

You can also use its automation workflow templates, like onboarding, creative requests, and event planning to automate routine tasks.


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8.  Nectar

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Employee engagement tools such as Nectar, specialize in boosting employee retention by reinforcing company culture.

It offers a variety of features, including shoutouts, automated rewards, work anniversary recognition, and custom challenges.

As employees complete milestones, they can win points and then redeem them with custom gifts (branded swag, Amazon products, charitable donations, etc.) approved by human resources.  

It also has an internal communication tool that makes peer-to-peer recognition easy. So, if one team member wants to give kudos to their colleague, they can do so in Nectar.

To keep company culture vibrant throughout your employees' workday, you can integrate Nectar with Slack, Microsoft Teams, and other HRIS and SSO software.


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9. Officevibe

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Officevibe is an employee experience platform designed to help you efficiently collect anonymous employee feedback to improve your company culture and create a work environment that employees love.

It highlights four primary features:

  1. One-on-One Meetings: It automatically schedules one-on-one meetings with managers and allows you to add discussion points and even leverage pre-made agenda templates to plan in advance.

  2. Good Vibes Recognition: Employees can send their colleagues thoughtful cards to recognize their efforts and foster a workplace culture of appreciation.

  3. Anonymous Feedback: Employees can submit feedback anonymously to help you understand how to improve company culture.

  4. Employee Surveys: It offers a survey tool that lets you send company-wide employee engagement surveys to keep a pulse on general employee satisfaction.

Officevibe also offers plenty of reports that make it easy to identify weaknesses in your company culture and make adjustments according to employee feedback.


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10. Empuls

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Source: Empuls

Empuls is a robust employee engagement solution that makes it easy to promote company values and improve the general employee experience.

Its core features include employee communication, surveys, recognition, perks/benefits, discounts, meal cards, and even short-term loans.

The Empuls rewards catalog also features over 21,000 gift card options from over 20 categories, so employees can always find a relevant reward option.

It integrates with general communication tools like Slack, Microsoft Teams, and general SSO and HRMS platforms.


Empuls Pricing Plans

Source: Empuls

Choosing the Best Employee Engagement Software

Now that you've seen some of the most popular employee engagement platforms available, select the best one that will most effectively aid the goals of your employee engagement program.

If your goals involve improving employee engagement on social media and rewarding employees for their efforts, consider using GaggleAMP.

Many of our customers say it's been essential to boosting social media engagement and improving company culture and general brand advocacy.

To see for yourself if GaggleAMP is the best fit for your business, schedule a demo today!

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