Why Should You Use GaggleAMP?

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Employee advocacy is a great way to get people in your organization to promote your brand online, and GaggleAMP certainly has a slew of ways to help you. 

People who join your employee advocacy program are part of a group called a Gaggle, and they’ll receive your suggested activities to carry out on social media. Every activity in the Gaggle is completely voluntary, meaning they can choose which activities they want to act on and which to decline.

Not only does GaggleAMP help your organization reach its marketing goals, but it helps your employees boost their social media reach and help them do their jobs. For example, salespeople have an easier time hitting their quotas, while Human Resources recruit more top applicants. 

Additionally, employees in a Gaggle look more credible and knowledgeable in their field, get more engagement on social media, and gain more connections. 

"Members participating in an employee advocacy program with GaggleAMP see an average growth in followers in their network of 110%."

Andrew Stewart

Director of Customer Success at GaggleAMP

Let’s dive into what GaggleAMP is, why employee advocacy works, and why companies of all sizes and industries use GaggleAMP to power their employee advocacy programs.

What is GaggleAMP?

GaggleAMP is the first employee advocacy platform of its kind. 

This cloud-based tool allows social media marketers to easily include employees from any department in their marketing efforts. 

With GaggleAMP, you can send requests to colleagues anywhere in the company, and any geographic, to promote your brand digitally. There are many use cases for this, including promoting marketing campaigns, social selling initiatives, recruiting, internal communications, public relations, and more. 

Depending on your goals, you can use GaggleAMP and employee advocacy to achieve many different results. You can extend your social media reach, boost your follower and engagement metrics, drive up clicks and web traffic, and gain website conversions. 

Employee advocacy enables your employees to voluntarily promote your brand on their social media accounts. This expands your social media presence and advances your message authentically by sharing it through people rather than your brand handle or ads. 

Presenting your message through your employees shows the faces behind your brand, making your organization more personable and trustworthy to your target audience.

74% of people find posts from personal accounts more persuasive than brand accounts

Why Should You Use an Employee Advocacy Platform?

There are many reasons why you should use an employee advocacy platform when running a program. For now, let’s just stick with the top two reasons:  

First, employee advocacy helps get your employees active on social media by giving them marketing-approved messages, content, and actions. 

This is huge!

There is a large number of employees at nearly every organization who are willing to promote their organization on social media but shy away from it. 

People don't talk about work online because they're worried about saying something they shouldn'tReceiving marketing-approved content, captions, and social media activities through an employee advocacy program completely removes any concern they may have about saying something they shouldn’t. 

The second reason to implement an employee advocacy platform is it allows you to measure your progress

Many organizations try to implement an employee advocacy program without a platform, but that just doesn’t work for several reasons. Without a platform, you can’t track how many people share suggested posts you email or message to them.

You also can’t track what you get out of those messages when you do share them. 

How many clicks did your employees’ posts get? 

How much engagement did they draw in? 

What was their reach? 

What is your estimated ad savings? 

Without an employee advocacy platform, you won’t be able to track these metrics, so you won’t know if your program is worth your time and effort. You won’t be able to adjust strategies and see if some social media activities work better than others. 

If you want to implement an employee advocacy program, you’ll get much more out of it by using a platform.

30% of marketers plan to start an employee advocacy program within the next year

Why Use GaggleAMP? What Are The Benefits? 

Using GaggleAMP to enable your employee advocacy program offers a slew of benefits to you and your employees. 

The platform allows employees to easily carry out social media activities without taking too much time. It can be as simple as a click of a button. Integrations with popular platforms such as Salesforce, Slack, the Chrome browser, and others, allow employees to respond to notifications without interrupting their workflow. 

When it comes to what those activities are, Gaggle Managers have over 50 different activities to choose from, ranging from liking a Tweet, to following someone on LinkedIn, to writing a review on Glassdoor. 

GaggleAMP has over 50 activities to choose fromYou could request employees share thought leadership content, a preview of your upcoming webinar, or even a new job posting. 

You could even request employees vote in online polls. 

Is your company nominated as the best place to work in your city or industry?

Use your Gaggle to get your votes up.  

GaggleAMP Analytics

GaggleAMP Analytics

There’s a wide scope of activities for Gaggle Managers to choose from and they can measure the performance of all of their activity requests. 

Not only does the GaggleAMP measure the clicks, reach, and engagement of each post your employees share, but it also measures the cost savings of what you would have had to spend to reach the same numbers through digital ads. This is done through the GaggleAMP CPC Calculator.  

Showing your boss how much money you saved the company on digital ads is a great way to present the value of your program. 


"GaggleAMP has the best reporting there is in employee engagement. I've used several other tools and no one does it better...I've used EveryoneSocial, I've used Sprinklr, and I've used other tools. This is the best."

Stephen Spector

Former VP of Marketing at Buurst


Gamification With GaggleAMP 

GaggleAMP also enables you to insert some friendly competition into your employee advocacy program through gamification. 

Gaggle Managers can assign points to each activity they request an employee carry out. If an employee chooses to carry out an activity, they get those points. You’ll be able to see who has earned the most points in your Gaggle by viewing the GaggleAMP Leaderboard. 

GaggleAMP Rewards Example Image

Simply share the leaderboard out to your Gaggle Members, and you’ll create some friendly competition. This tends to work especially well among salespeople. 

Many program managers take gamification a step further by offering rewards to Gaggle Members who hit goals such as earning the most points in a given timeframe. Common prizes we see include company-branded merchandise, gift cards, money, and more. We’ve even seen companies get more creative with it by offering PTO days, parking spots, lunch with the CEO, and more. 

Gamification is a great way to keep your employees motivated in the program over the long haul. 

GaggleAMP Channels

Here’s a great to boost both your internal communication and your content curation efforts. 

With GaggleAMP Channels, your employees have internal feeds to share posts and content. The Gaggle Manager can choose posts in the internal feeds and share them externally through the Gaggle. 

You could create a channel that includes only salespeople, only people who went to a specific event, or people who are watching a specific TV show. It’s totally up to you how you want to organize your employees with GaggleAMP Channels. 

These channels are a great way to keep employees engaged and connected, keep them active on an internal social media interface, and have them help with content curation.

GaggleAMP Channels

Working With GaggleAMP

GagglAMP is an employee advocacy tool

The advantage of working with GaggleAMP is it’s not an all-in-one solution. The company’s focus is only on employee advocacy and how to optimize programs for clients. 

As the first employee advocacy platform vendor, GaggleAMP has over 11 years of experience helping thousands of organizations of all different sizes and industries reach their specific marketing goals. 

This is why the Customer Success Managers at GaggleAMP are considered one of the tool’s best features. Right when a client starts with GaggleAMP, a CS Manager will take time to sit with them, and map out a strategy customized to their specific goals.

In the early stages, they’ll help with employee onboarding, employee social media training, and more. Then they’ll stick with a client every step of the way to make sure they stay on course and hit their marketing goals. It’s why GaggleAMP is consistently recognized by G2 Crowd as one of the most implementable platforms in the industry based on user reviews.


"We have an amazing customer success manager in Chad Rosh, who was an incredible asset to the launch and training portion of the program. He's just been so incredibly responsive anytime I have a question or any of our Gaggle Managers have questions. It's so nice to have that kind of support and know that you can just reach out. It's definitely a great customer support team."

Brooke Kaczmarek

Social Media Strategist at Rackspace Technology


Now you know the basics of how employee advocacy with GaggleAMP can help your organization. Countless clients rave about its ease of use and the help they receive from our CS team. 

If you have any questions about what an employee advocacy program would look like at your organization, feel free to fire up the chatbot at the bottom of your screen. 

To learn more about GaggleAMP, request a demo by clicking the link below!

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