In this animated video, you can see how GaggleAMP is able to amplify your social media efforts leading to more traffic, leads and social interactions.


Employee advocacy is a powerful way to boost your organization's social media presence and content marketing efforts, allowing you to reach your digital marketing potential. There are many people in your organization that want to promote your initiatives but don't know what content to share, what captions to write, or just aren't social media savvy.

By focusing on these employees, you can increase your engagement, click-through rates, conversions and more. GaggleAMP makes it very easy to share with your employees what they should promote, and what your brand's messaging is. It's also easy to keep them engaged, and draw more people into your employee advocacy program, through gamification and acknowledgements.

Learn more about how employee advocacy and GaggleAMP can help your organization tell its story by clicking on the link below.    

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