What Is GaggleAMP? An Easy Employee Advocacy Platform

What is GaggleAMP Hero

GaggleAMP is an employee advocacy tool that makes it easy to increase employee social media engagement.

In this post, we’ll briefly discuss what employee advocacy is. Then, we’ll dive into how GaggleAMP’s employee advocacy platform works and explain a few key differentiators that make it unique from all other tools on the market.

What Is Employee Advocacy and Why Is It Beneficial?

Employee advocacy is a marketing strategy where employees promote their employer’s brand, usually by engaging with company content or posting their own content about the brand on social media.

It's excellent for improving brand sentiment, attracting top talent, retaining talent, and increasing brand awareness.

Employee advocacy is also often much more cost effective than traditional brand promotion techniques, such as influencer marketing or paid ads.

Marketing managers can use GaggleAMP to send social media engagement requests to employees.

Social media engagement requests can be either engaging with company content or creating their own content.

Engaging With Company Content

When employees engage with (e.g., like, comment, or share) company content, the content tends to earn more reach as the employees' networks will see the content.

In addition, social media algorithms tend to give more reach to content with more engagement, meaning employee advocacy can help the content earn more organic reach.

An example of this form of employee advocacy might be a sales team member commenting on or sharing a specific post published by the brand about a new product feature release.

A Sales Account Executive from GaggleAMP shared company news on LinkedIn

Creating Their Own Content

You can also ask employees to write their own social media posts about what it's like to work for your brand or company news and announcements. An example of this might be asking an executive to write their own content about how your brand is on the forefront of an industry trend.

Here’s an excellent example of employee advocacy where a Figma employee promotes brand initiatives on her LinkedIn profile:

A Figma Director commented on her journey from joining the company to running their yearly conference named Config

Source: Azra Daniels

Figma later reposted it to its company profile.

However, employee advocacy can also be as simple as a teammate resharing a company post to their personal feed.

In short, the main benefits of employee advocacy include:

  • Creates cost effective brand awareness and promotion.
  • Boosts authentic engagement and higher quality brand awareness. Content posted by employees tends to perform better than content posted by a brand on social media.
  • Improves employer branding and general image.

What Makes GaggleAMP Unique From Other Employee Advocacy Platforms?

Although there are other employee advocacy platforms on the market, GaggleAMP is unique for several reasons. Below, we’ll discuss some key differentiators that set GaggleAMP apart from the competition.

1. Increases Employee Engagement by Providing Specific, Personalized Instructions

One of the biggest challenges with employee advocacy is keeping employees engaged.

Most employees eventually quit engaging because of the effort involved in creating content. Some don’t know what to say and others are afraid they may say something off-brand that ultimately gets them in trouble.

While most employee advocacy tools allow you to send engagement reminders at scale, the problem with this method is that the notification employees receive typically just leads them to a feed of endless company content.

So, it doesn't actually solve the problem of helping employees understand what to say or what content they should engage with, and social media managers often still find that employee engagement drops off.

Other Employee Advocacy Feeds

We believe the key to fixing low engagement rates is to make it almost effortless for employees to engage.

So, we built GaggleAMP around this philosophy, and it has an outstanding track record of increasing employee engagement.

Instead of just sending a generic “engagement reminder” to employees, GaggleAMP allows social media managers to assign engagement activities with very specific instructions at scale.

A social media manager can select pre-set engagement activities that specify:

The social media manager can specify the social post that they want the employee to engage with and even use GaggleAMP’s AI-powered paraphrasing technology to create pre-written content for the employee. Then, they can assign the post to a specific employee or group of employees and assign a due date.

This way, when the employee receives the engagement notification (via Slack, Microsoft Teams, or email), they see a personalized portal of specific engagement activities. Now all the employee has to do is edit the text (if they wish) and schedule it to publish.

GaggleAMP Members Engagement Activities

As you can see, this system significantly improves employee engagement rates because:

  1. It streamlines content ideation and creation.

  2. Employees don’t have to choose which post to engage with or the engagement action they should take.

  3. Employees don’t have to worry about saying something off-brand.

Additionally, employees can schedule all of their posts to publish at a future date. This way, they only have to dedicate about 10 minutes to employee advocacy once per month, yet their content will continue to publish consistently throughout the month.

2. Provides Detailed Analytics and Proprietary Employee Advocacy Benchmarking Data

Most social media platforms offer basic analytics, like the campaigns that produced the most engagement, but these reports rarely answer questions specific to your employee advocacy program such as:

  1. Which employees drive the most engagement so that we can give them more activities?

  2. What’s the value of our employee advocacy efforts? Is this actually producing an ROI?

  3. Our average employee engagement rate is X%. Is that good? What should I be aiming for?

GaggleAMP’s analytics dashboard answers all of these questions by providing the following metrics:

  • Total reach.
  • Total engagement activities created (by managers).
  • Total engagement activities completed (by employees).
  • Total clicks.
  • Estimated earned media value (EEMV).

You’ll also be able to track follower growth by participating employees and a breakdown of reporting by each social media channel.

As GaggleAMP specializes in employee advocacy, we also have proprietary data on hundreds of employee advocacy programs and can provide benchmarking metrics based on other programs similar to your size.

GaggleAMP 90 Day Performance Benchmark Example

This makes it easier to gauge how your program is performing. If your program isn't performing as well as you hoped and you don't know how to improve, you can always talk to our customer success team. They've helped dozens of companies achieve excellent results through employee advocacy and can help assess and improve your strategy.

GaggleAMP also tracks employee engagement so that you can see who is and isn't engaging with your activities.

This is beneficial as you can reach out to disengaged employees and offer additional support to re-engage them. It also makes it possible to reward employees who are actively engaged so that they feel appreciated. A key reason many employees quit engaging is that their efforts are never recognized or appreciated simply because social media managers don't have access to engagement data.

With GaggleAMP, you'll have access to all of this data, and there's even a public leaderboard that automatically ranks employees by engagement. This adds friendly competition to further encourage engagement and makes it easy for you to acknowledge and thank the employees who actively engage on social media.

GaggleAMP Leaderboard Group Filter

3. Offers a Robust AI Tool To Make Content Creation Easier

In a perfect world, you could create dozens of unique, captivating posts around the same core post so each employee has unique content to share about a key brand initiative. Yet manually writing out all of those posts for your employees would take hours.

The good news is that this is now possible, thanks to GaggleAMP's AI powered-paraphrasing!

The Gaggle Manager can write a post all about a core brand initiative or news your company wants to share. Then, you have a choice. You can use the AI-powered paraphrase to send alternative copies of that post to all of your Gaggle Members. Or, you can give all Members your original generated post but give them the option to use AI-powered paraphrasing to rephrase the message. You can even do both — give them an alternative post and the power to rephrase it again. This way, you can provide unique pre-written text to each employee, and they can schedule to publish the text as-is.

While other tools may offer various AI writing tools, GaggleAMP's AI-powered paraphrasing is well-designed for employee advocacy as it knows to create unique content for each message so that no two employees post the exact same content.

Providing unique, pre-written text reduces the effort required on the employee's part, which increases engagement and participation.

Step-By-Step Overview of GaggleAMP

To illustrate how GaggleAMP provides unique value to its users, here's a step-by-step walkthrough of how social media managers and employees can effectively use the platform.

Step 1: Select an Engagement Activity

To get started, select one of the many engagement activities. Each is categorized by platform (LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, X, etc.), and then you can select the specific engagement action (like, comment, share, etc.).

GaggleAMP Activity Dashboard

Step 2: Fill Out the Engagement Activity

After selecting the engagement activity, you can add a link to a specific post you want employees to engage with and even leave instructions on what they should say in the post. Alternatively, you can use AI-powered paraphrasing to create unique, pre-written text for each employee.

Then, add a due date and assign it to a specific employee or group of employees. For example, if you want to assign it to everyone on the marketing team, you can do so.

Create engagement activities for your Gaggle members

Step 3: Employees Receive an Engagement Notification

When you assign an engagement activity, employees receive a notification that they have an activity waiting. They can log into their personal Gaggle and see the engagement activities you've assigned, along with the instructions and/or pre-written text.

Then, they can edit the text or schedule the post for publishing as is.

GaggleAMP Members Engagement Activities

This entire process only takes them a few minutes versus several hours if they had to develop the content ideas themselves and decide how to engage.

Step 4: Track Performance and Engagement

Finally, you can track the performance of your program in GaggleAMP’s analytics dashboard to see which employees generated the most engagement, which content topics were most successful, and other insights.

It’s also easy to track the estimated earned media value to tell if your employee advocacy efforts are generating a positive ROI. If you’re not sure if your metrics are great, average, or below average, compare them to the benchmark reports.

Finally, be sure to reward the most engaged employees by tracking those with the highest participation rates in the leaderboard.

GaggleAMP Redeem Rewards

Acknowledging employees for their efforts makes them feel appreciated, which encourages them to engage more and also improves sentiment towards the company.

Start Your Own Employee Advocacy Program Today

Employee advocacy is a powerful strategy to increase brand awareness, attract more top quality candidates, and elevate your status as an employer brand.

The only problem is that keeping employees engaged can be challenging.

You can easily solve this problem by using an employee advocacy tool like GaggleAMP that lets you assign specific engagement activities, generate AI written text for employees, and track employee engagement.

To see how GaggleAMP can be the best solution for your business, schedule a demo today.

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