engaged employees

Getting your employees to share your content on social media can be a challenging endeavour, but the effort is well worth it. The chance to amplify the content your organization produces is an opportunity not to be missed, but to succeed with any program like this, you need to understand one simple equation:

Employee engagement + employee advocacy = social media amplification

Let’s break this down into the component parts: what you need to add to the equation, and the results it has for your company.

First, your goal – to amplify the marketing activities of your organization. There are a number of reasons you will want to involve your employees in social media if you do not already do so. The result is not just measured in the increased social media reach of your corporate marketing message (though that will be boosted). Successfully managing employee engagement and employee advocacy efforts has the potential to impact both the reach and the ROI of your social media marketing efforts.

Now, the first component of your goal – employee engagement. What is employee engagement? In its simplest form, employee engagement is the difference between your top performing employee and the one that just shows up for work and does little else. Basically, employees who are both fully absorbed and enthusiastic about their work are considered to be engaged. If you want your employees to share content, they are more likely to do so if they are involved at the company and want to work. Employee engagement can’t easily be controlled, but it can be nurtured. Open communication, opportunity for advancement, and employee recognition efforts can all help you build engagement in your workplace.

The second component of your goal is employee advocacy. In basic terms, employee advocacy is the process through which you make it easy for employees to share company messages with their personal networks. This is not a new concept. Word-of-mouth has been a popular marketing tool for as long as their have been things to sell, but the nature of social media can lead both employees and employers to be cautious about sharing things online. Successful programs for employee advocacy in social media require you to both motivate your employees to share content (often by making the benefits to their personal branding clear), and making it easy for them to do so (address their concerns and simplify the process). The personal networks of your employees are an incredible and often untapped resource. If your employees participate in your online marketing efforts, the impact on your bottom line can be significant.

The beauty of advocacy and engagement is that they work better together, and the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. The more effort you put in to employee advocacy, the more impact you will see when it comes to the engagement of your employees. And, the reverse is also true, the more engaged your employees are, the more impact you will likely see from your employee advocacy efforts. In truth, the equation might be best displayed like this:

Employee engagement x employee advocacy = social media amplification & more

Nurturing both employee engagement and employee advocacy can multiply the impact your organization has on social media, while at the same time it helps your employees feel greater job satisfaction; increases productivity; reduces employee turnover; and it yields other benefits only offered by a highly-engaged workforce.

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