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10 Useful Social Selling Tools You’ve (mostly) Never Heard Of

Posted on 05/19/2016

Paul Gillin recently shared a post to the Silicon Angle blog that highlighted 10 social selling tools mentioned by Gabe Villamizar at AMPlify: The Employee Advocacy Conference. During his session, Gabe mentioned GaggleAMP as one of the tools your sales team must have to be truly effective at social selling.  According to Paul:

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Social Selling Moderator - Tony Zayas

Posted on 04/05/2016

Tony Zayas is an award-winning digital marketer and strategist. As Marketing Manager, Tony coaches Proforma Owners in understanding and leveraging the tremendous potential that the digital frontier offers, as well as developing strategy and manages the execution and implementation of Proforma’s new media initiatives, including social media, mobile, blog, web and email marketing.

An alumni of AMPlify 2015, Tony is returning this year to lead a discussion surrounding the techniques and strategies involved with social selling. Several years ago at Tony created his own "90 day social sales challenge" where he recruited and trained internal stakeholders on social selling to help boost their online prospecting. Nearly everyone involved saw sales directly attributed to social media within the 90 day time period.

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How to Turn Employees into Brand Advocates

Posted on 04/04/2016

Your employees are the backbone of your company’s success. As a key player in your social media marketing strategy, your employees have the ability to wear the hat of a brand marketer! Your reputation and brand image are not things that can be faked or bought, so employees who advocate your brand are essential to building a loyal network of engaged users and interested customers. GaggleAMP aims to utilize employees as advocates, and knowing how to empower your employees to become successful social media brand advocates can drive your social media campaign and gain your company traction in the virtual world.

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AMPlify Social Selling Panelist - Skeeter Harris

Posted on 04/01/2016

Skeeter Harris is the founder and President of Mac Village Media; an Internet Marketing and Video Production company located in Upstate, NY. Skeeter works with both local and national businesses in developing social media strategies and internet marketing campaigns to engage their clients.

Last year at AMPlify Skeeter delivered a session detailing how he implemented and employee advocacy program at EarthLink for the sales team. Within 6 months he saw direct sales attributed to posts that the sales team shared. Skeeter is marketer that always has the sales department in mind and looks for ways to help them use the content being produced.

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Brian Burns - There’s Only One KPI That Counts for Social Selling

Posted on 02/29/2016

With the rise of marketing automation, sales VPs at software/SaaS startups are intent on tracking and monitoring multiple KPIs - outbound calls, trials started, emails sent vs. opened, etc.. But, there’s only one KPI that counts - revenue, according to Brian Burns, a 25-year enterprise software sales veteran, and the author of the widely read book Selling In A New Market Space.

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AMPlify Social Selling Panelist - Gabe Villamizar

Posted on 02/23/2016

Gabe Villamizar is the Social Selling Director at HireVue. He has five years of related work experience in social selling lead generation, social media marketing and online marketing strategy in the SaaS B2B industry. Gabe has extensive multi-cultural experience with the ability to develop and implement new SaaS social marketing tactics to build strong B2B relationships and generate targeted leads.

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How Sales Can Amplify Their Social Message

Posted on 01/07/2016

The purchasing process for virtually all products we find today has irreversibly changed. Most importantly people are conducting their own research and making decisions before even speaking with another person. Your sales team is the face of your brand and putting a personality to your product on social media can be their greatest strength.

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Publishing is Just the Beginning with Content Marketing

Posted on 10/29/2015

No matter how engaging your content may be, it’s likely to fall flat when you're not marketing appropriately

The way that your company addresses content marketing can make or break the success of your efforts in publishing the content in the first place. By investing your time, effort, and money towards creating engaging content, you’ve basically created the tools you’ll need to succeed; but the fact of the matter is that by simply creating tools without utilizing them appropriately, you’ve simply made for yourself a useless toolbox. Similarly, publishing content is the beginning of the social media marketing process, and content marketing consumes a bulk of the effort that turns an article, video, or image into a progressive, functional tool. Click here to find out if you're overlooking the most important part of content marketing.

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Give Every Employee the Tools to Sell

Posted on 10/26/2015

In today’s modern world of technology, everybody is given an equal voice on social media, and every employee can utilize that voice to sell.

Your employees are the face of your sales force, helping to connect your marketing efforts to action and, thus, to your prospective customers. By equipping your employees with the proper tools for selling your product, your company, and themselves. Indeed, when a customer chooses to ‘buy in’, they’re investing in all three of these aspects. Let’s focus on how each and every employee can drive sales as well as the tools they’ll need to succeed. Click here to read about more social media tools that will improve your workflow. 

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AMPlify 2015 Speaker Recap: Tony Zayas

Posted on 09/24/2015

Prospecting can be amplified by using social media effectively. Sure, there are universal challenges that can hinder any successful company: time, content, and strategy being the trifecta of most common ailment. Additionally, many will come face-to-face with several other challenges along the way like paralysis by analysis, lack of confidence, humility, and even the droll of routine. Learn how to engage with prospects on social media.

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