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How Marketing Can Help Your Employee Engagement Efforts

Posted on 09/19/2017

It is no surprise that the marketing profession is based on the ability to build customer engagement. But this industry has evolved from its early “Mad Men” days, and now makes active use of expertise; proven practices; and technologies to target crafted content in ways that earlier generations of marketers could only dream of. One of the greatest impacts you can generate from your marketing strategy however, is when you turn your attention and focus internally and target your marketing at your own workforce.

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Topics: B2B Marketing, Employee Advocacy, Employee Engagement, marketing strategy

Developing an Employee Advocacy Offering for Your Marketing Agency

Posted on 09/05/2017

In the competitive world of digital marketing, agencies need to stay innovative to remain relevant and profitable. Those that do not stay on the cutting edge with new offerings can see their customers cutting them to go for the agencies that stay ahead of the curve—or so it may seem.

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Topics: B2B Marketing, Employee Advocacy, social media marketing

The Benefits of an Informed Workforce

Posted on 08/29/2017

The more engaged your employees are, the more effective they are. This has been a truth in the business world for quite some time, and if you are conducting an employee advocacy program in your workplace, it is just as important—if not more so.

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Topics: Employee Advocacy, Employee Engagement

Your Employees Are Sharing on Social Media...Now What?

Posted on 08/15/2017

Your employees are becoming more active on social media. They are boosting your company’s digital marketing efforts through sharing corporate content with their friends and followers. This is the foundation to a great start in employee advocacy! Amplifying your messages in this way quickly shows everyone in your organization the value of employee advocacy through increased reach and boosted website traffic. 

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Topics: B2B Marketing, Digital Marketing, Employee Advocacy, Social Media, Social Media Engagement

Why Employees Are a Crucial Part of Your Public Relations Strategy

Posted on 08/08/2017

The realm of public relations has traditionally involved one macro voice—a company’s—which delivered information to their audience. Social media however, has flipped this paradigm on its head. In social channels, your audience has a voice which can be as large as the voice of your company (or larger). This means that PR has had to evolve; considering conversations as a viable tool rather than only broadcasting messages.

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Who Owns Employee Advocacy?

Posted on 08/01/2017

Adopting any new initiative in an established corporate environment can pose various challenges, often due to the need to establish both ownership of the program, and responsibility for its resource allotment and eventual success. Things can become especially tricky when initiatives cross multiple departments. For employee advocacy efforts on social media, the process of establishing departmental ownership can make other challenges look easy by comparison.

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Topics: Digital Marketing, Employee Advocacy, internal communications, Public Relations, Social Media

Marketing Agencies Stay Ahead of the Curve by Adding Employee Advocacy Services

Posted on 07/25/2017

In the world of marketing, there is a steady supply of new agencies fighting for a company’s business. The road from a brand-new marketing agency, to becoming (and remaining) a successful agency, requires that you both anticipate client needs and suggest new ideas. The failure to be innovative is actually a sign that your marketing agency is dying a slow death. What is one innovation you should discuss with your clients? Employee advocacy on social media; if it is not on your radar yet—it should be.

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Topics: Agency, Employee Advocacy, Marketing

Leveraging Social Media at Events and How Your Employees Can Help

Posted on 07/11/2017

While competition for your marketing niche increases, the budget for your event marketing efforts stretches tighter… sound familiar?  Despite this common scenario, it is possible to benefit from leveraging some readily available resources, namely, social media, your employees, and some well-planned event marketing.

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Topics: Conference, Employee Advocacy, Event Marketing, Marketing, social media marketing

Engaging Employees through Effective Internal Communications

Posted on 07/04/2017

Workplace communication is a world in the midst of an evolution. Email tends to form the backbone of many corporate communication strategies, but as the volume of electronic mail increases, this approach to information transmission becomes vastly inefficient, and ineffective. 

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Topics: Employee Engagement, internal communications, internal marketing

How to Drive Digital Engagement on Social Media

Posted on 06/20/2017

While statements about our shrinking attention spans have turned out to be a myth, attention still remains the most valuable (and scarce) resource on the Internet. The relentless drive of technology is changing how we consume information online, and in the world of social media, competition for attention is fierce. It is becoming harder to be heard above the crowd.

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Topics: Marketing, Social Media Engagement, social media marketing