3 Easy Steps to Get Employees to Share your Content

3 Easy Steps to Get Employees to Share your Content

Chances are, if you're a marketer, you’ve seen the buzz around employee advocacy being the latest way to expand the reach of your marketing content in the most efficient way.  As employee engagement becomes a staple to distributing your content, marketing managers are in a constant search for the easiest way to motivate their coworkers to become employee activates.   

Employee advocates can now participate in a variety of activities to the benefit your marketing efforts. Introducing them to the GaggleAMP platform allows them to share your marketing content to their social media accounts in three easy steps.  


STEP 1: Sign in and Connect

The basic setup for an employee involves logging into their company Gaggle then connecting their social accounts.

STEP 2: Review and Share

In the Member’s dashboard, employees can review messages (pre-written social posts) or recommended actions (these can include “liking” a page/post, connecting with coworkers or thought leaders, reviewing the company on Glassdoor, etc).

Keep in mind, the employee has the final say of what is posted on their social accounts.  They can select to ‘share’, or ‘don’t share’ each message based on their preferences.  By selecting ‘don’t share’ they are provided the option to anonymously tell the Gaggle manager why they opted not to share the particular message.  

What else can you ask employees to help out with?  

STEP 3: Schedule

Once your employees become comfortable with sharing your content, they can take sharing to the next level by scheduling when they want the messages to be posted.  Even easier, they can set their scheduling preferences into the Scheduling Preferences to allow sharing the posts they select on a predetermined schedule with one click!

Learn how to make sharing content fun for your employees. 


Do your employee advocates need a gentle reminder?

Gaggle Managers can send daily or weekly emails reminding their members to log into the platform to share content or completed a suggested activity.  The members can easily opt-out of these email reminders if they choose want to utilize the autoAMP option.

Employees are busy, so give them a gentle nudge.

Often, busy employees just need a small reminder to do simple actions.  GaggleAMP conveniently has a Chrome extension to make it as easy as possible for your employees to be notified when new messages are ready to be shared in the Gaggle.  

With the influx of company culture trends, employee engagement is at an all time high.  Employees are demanding to be involved in driving the success of the company, and marketing departments are always seeking new ways to expand the reach of their communications.  Companies as small as a Mom and Pop eCommerce site to an enterprise organization can benefit from amplifying their content to a larger audience.

If you’re interested in learning more about how you can increase the success of your content, check out this ebook.

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