15 Creative LinkedIn Post Examples You Can Steal

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15 Creative LinkedIn Post Examples to Boost Your Reach

LinkedIn is an excellent platform to build a high value audience, but simply posting advice and best practice tips isn’t enough.

It needs to have a creative angle that is engaging and entertaining yet still provides helpful and insightful information.

In this post, we’ll dissect some of the most creative LinkedIn post examples to help you think of creative ideas and increase your average post engagement.

So, if you’re struggling to figure out what to post on LinkedIn to get noticed or how to find trending topics on LinkedIn, this post will help you find the answers.

Creative LinkedIn Posts Examples for Businesses

Ready to publish your first post on the LinkedIn company page? Here are a few creative LinkedIn post examples for businesses that want to earn more traction.

Post #1: Leveraging an Executive’s Audience

If your goal is to generate more brand awareness for your company on LinkedIn, the best strategy is often relying on your executives’ personal brands.

For example, ask one of your executives to record a video demonstrating how your product solves a particular problem. This way, the audience learns something insightful and also understands the value of your product.

Here’s a great example of how founder Rand Fishkin leverages his own personal brand to explain how SparkToro solves a particular problem. Then, employees, who are also LinkedIn influencers, jumped in and helped promote it:

Brendan Hufford shared a video of fellow influencer Rand Fishkin explaining the new and improved features of SparkToro

Source: Brendan Hufford

So, rather than focusing all of your efforts on promoting content through the LinkedIn company page, think about leveraging your executives’ brands to generate more engagement.

Post #2: Trailer-Style Video Content

LinkedIn is a social media platform at the end of the day, and people want to be entertained. So, one idea to generate more engagement on LinkedIn is to create a trailer-style video.

Umault, a B2B video production company, published the video example below. But you could easily record a quick iPhone video with a captivating script and use an editor like Tasty Edits to create a similar video for you.

A funny video posted on LinkedIn about B2B Marketing with a spooky twist just in time for Halloween

Source: Karthik Srinivasan

They also incorporated a timely event (Halloween) into the LinkedIn post. So, consider finding the trending topics on LinkedIn today and incorporate themes from them into your content.

If you’re still struggling to generate LinkedIn post ideas for your business, keep a swipe file of your favorite B2C posts and recycle the frameworks into B2B posts.

Post #3: Branded Content Collaboration

Another LinkedIn post idea for businesses is to collaborate with other brands to boost each other’s engagement.

For example, ClickUp created a post about its HubSpot integration.

To make it even more engaging, they turned it into a song.

ClickUp shared a music video they composed to celebrate their integration with HubSpot

Source: ClickUp

The post received plenty of engagement as people loved the song, and HubSpot also engaged with the post as it was great publicity for their brand as well.

Post #4: Elect a Content Ambassador

People prefer to engage with other people on social media than faceless brands.

So, a great way to generate more engagement on your company’s LinkedIn profile is to elect one of your employees (ideally someone motivated to remain with your company long-term, like a stakeholder or top executive) and make them the face of your brand.

For example, NP Digital primarily uses its senior Director of Content Marketing to create content for the LinkedIn company page.

This director also has a substantial following and shares company posts with his personal network. This is an excellent example of how you can also leverage employee advocacy to further promote your company.

NP Digital often posts videos featuring their Director of Marketing to create content

Source: Chad Frederick Gilbert

In addition, if you’re struggling to develop LinkedIn post ideas, collaborating with a dedicated content ambassador can help you generate more creative ideas.

LinkedIn Post Ideas for Recruiters

Below we’ll list a selection of LinkedIn post ideas for recruiters to incorporate into their content strategy. You can use many of these LinkedIn posts as templates and adapt them to fit your tone of voice.

Post #1: Detailed New Position Post from an Employee

Plenty of recruiters just drop a link to a job post they published and tell people to apply.

This isn't the best idea for a couple of reasons:

  1. It doesn't provide any compelling reason for anyone – much less A players – to apply because it gives no context to what's great about your company.

  2. Social media platforms reduce reach to links as they want to keep people engaged on their platform.

Instead, the recruiting post example below is much more effective. It describes the ideal candidate to repel those who aren't a great fit and the benefits of working at the company to attract the right candidates.

A recruiting post from the CMO at Jellyfish that includes a full description of the job and its benefits

Source: Kyle Lacy

In addition, rather than just posting the job on the company's LinkedIn post, they leveraged the CMO's personal network to promote it. This was a smart move, as the CMO likely has a stronger network of marketers than the company page. Coming from a person's LinkedIn page, the post is also more personalized and likely generated more engagement than if the same post was published on the branded company page.

The lesson here is to incorporate employee advocacy into your strategy and ask the executives within that department to create an organic post promoting the job.

Finally, he includes the link to the job in the comments (rather than the post itself) to please the LinkedIn algorithm.

Jellyfish CMO posted the link to the job opening in the comments of his own LinkedIn post

Source: Kyle Lacy

Post #2: Recruit a Network To Promote Your Company

Another great LinkedIn post idea for recruiters is to ask an influencer in the space to promote your company’s open jobs for you.

For example, robotics company Figure is hiring robotics engineers, so they recruited a robotics influencer with 30,000 followers to promote the open positions for them.

A robotics influencer posted about the open positions available at AI Robotics company Figure

Source: Ilir Aliu

Post #3: Promote the Company Culture

Constantly posting job opportunities can make your company look a little desperate to A players. Ideally, you want A players to view a job opening at your company as an exclusive opportunity.

Instead of only posting job opportunities, attract A players by incorporating employee advocacy into your LinkedIn strategy. While this is a long-term play, asking employees to publicly share what they love about working for your brand can increase general interest in the company. Here's a great example of employee advocacy from a recruiter:

A Recruiting Leader posted on LinkedIn about her three week vacation

Source: Bonnie Dilber

When your employees’ network sees that your company has an awesome culture and is working on an inspiring problem, those people are more likely to organically ask about job opportunities.

If your employees don’t know what to post or say, you can turn the example above into a LinkedIn post template by breaking it down into the following questions for them to answer:

  1. What’s one thing you recently did that you never would have done at a previous job/company (or something that our company allows you to do that you love)?

  2. What did you learn through that experience?

  3. How has that made you feel about your team?

Inspirational LinkedIn Posts Examples

First and foremost, LinkedIn is a social media platform, and people want to not only learn but also feel inspired and entertained. We'll discuss a few examples of good LinkedIn posts that you can use to create your own inspirational content.

Post #1: Sharing Challenges and Triumphs

People love to listen to stories and real experiences, and this post by Noah Kagan is a perfect example. The person he interviews shares his wild journey of growing up poor and then making $60 million in three weeks – only to lose it overnight. Then, he makes $180 million in the next six months.

These kinds of stories are inspirational, as everyone can relate to the challenges, and it makes the triumphs feel possible.

Noah Kagan shared the story about salvadorian car racing pilot Rafa Martinez and his difficult upbringing

Source: Noah Kagan

Post #2: Inspirational Founder Story

If you don't want to publish an inspirational story about yourself, consider sharing someone else's inspirational story.

Here's a great example of a CEO who posted Taylor Sheridan’s story. Sheridan is the writer behind the hit TV show Yellowstone. The CEO also adds a unique twist by showing off a lesser-known fact about the writer – Sheridan’s real estate empire.

The CEO of Influicity interviewed the head writer of hit tv show Yellowstone Taylor Sheridan and posted parts of the conversation on LinkedIn

Source: Jon Davids

You can also create a carousel of quotes from the person you’re covering in the post to further increase engagement.

Post #3: Posting a Contrarian/Freeing Belief

Promoting general positivity – especially inspirational quotes from an influencer – is a great way to earn more engagement on LinkedIn. People love supporting positive ideas. They're also more likely to follow your company's LinkedIn page if they regularly feel inspired by your content.

Here's a great example from Gary Vaynerchuck:

VaynerX CEO shared an inspirational quote supporting the idea that success and happiness are not measured by monetary worth

Source: Gary Vaynerchuck

Most Popular LinkedIn Posts

It's difficult to predict virality, but there are certain things you can do to improve engagement and increase the chances of your content going viral on LinkedIn.

Here are some of the most popular LinkedIn posts you can use as templates to create your own high performing LinkedIn content.

Post #1: Leverage Data and Collaborate with Others

An easy way to earn engagement is to become the source of information. This LinkedIn post shares new data that the company collected with a partner, and it was also well optimized for engagement.

First, it had a captivating hook by essentially stating that your B2B audience is indeed on Instagram (a somewhat contrarian view – especially given that it’s published on LinkedIn). The graphic and structure of the post also captures your attention and pulls you into the post.

They were also smart to collaborate with a partner, as that gives you a partner in the promotion process as well.

A LinkedIn Post with an infographic about Social Media Platform Audiences and where they overlap

Source: David Blinov

Post #2: Mixing Employee Advocacy with Personal Achievement

Most people enjoy supporting their colleagues and celebrating their wins, so take advantage of the opportunity to celebrate wins with your colleagues.

For example, in this post, Amanda Natividad celebrates her past two years working at SparkToro and shares what she loves about the company. She tags her colleagues and also provides insights into SparkToro’s strategy and future plans. This generated engagement from not only her colleagues, but also SparkToro users and her friends celebrating her wins.
SparkToro VP of Marketing celebration post of being two years at the company also described an insight of how they operate

Source: Amanda Natividad

Encouraging more employee advocacy posts discussing personal accomplishments through the company is a great way to generate more brand awareness on LinkedIn.

Post #3: Consistently Leveraging LinkedIn Carousel Posts

The key to growing a strong LinkedIn following isn't relying on engagement hacks or short-term tactics. Real growth comes from consistently executing the same proven strategy repeatedly and then refining the process to double down on what worked.

Sara Stella Lattanzio is an excellent example of the power of consistency. She claims to have posted every day on LinkedIn for the past two years, and it seems to have paid off:

A B2B Marketing Advisor detailed how she was able to be known as a figure in the field

Source: Sara Stella Lattanzio

The bread and butter of her strategy is posting short videos and carousels on LinkedIn. Both post formats are visually appealing and pull the listener into the post.

She's also excellent at crafting hooks. Here's just one example of a recent post that performed very well and had a captivating and contrarian hook:

A B2B Advisor posted a LinkedIn Carousel about organic traffic growth

Source: Sara Stella Lattanzio

LinkedIn Post Captions Examples

LinkedIn automatically plays videos, but there isn’t any sound. Adding captions is critical to increasing engagement with your videos.

However, if your captions are too small or cut off mid-sentence, they might not catch your viewer’s attention.

Here are some excellent LinkedIn post caption examples you can use in your marketing.

Post #1: Include 1-5 Word Captions

Neil Patel has highly engaging LinkedIn videos, many of which only have a few words on the screen at a time. This keeps the reader engaged as they won't scroll by after reading an entire sentence:

Neil Patel often posts videos on LinkedIn and includes short captions

Source: Neil Patel

Post #2: Use Large, Colored Captions

Alex Hormozi posts plenty of videos to his LinkedIn profile, and his caption strategy is to use large, colored words to keep readers engaged.

Here’s just one example of captions he used:

Alex Hormozi includes colored and bold captions in his videos to capture his audience attention

Source: Alex Hormozi

Generate Creative LinkedIn Post Ideas Now

Hopefully, some of these LinkedIn post examples gave you some ideas that you can incorporate into your own LinkedIn marketing strategy.

If you're still struggling to develop ideas for LinkedIn content, enlist your employees to help you.

If you use a platform like GaggleAMP, you can assign them an engagement activity, like sharing a launch announcement on LinkedIn.

Struggling to think of creative ideas? Use GaggleAMP's AI content generator to help you create options for the team, or give them the power to remix your own words into a new post.

To see for yourself how GaggleAMP can help you generate more creative LinkedIn content by leveraging your employees, schedule a demo today.

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