Overlooking the Power of Employee Influence is like Looking Over a Vital Component in your Marketing Strategy

Your employees have the power to influence your customers, your business, and your bottom line. For one to overlook their influence is to make a mistake, indeed. With social media especially, the influence that your employees hold over your company and your leads is crucial, as their appropriate wielding of this power can impact the success - or failure - of your social media strategy and content sharing abilities. Download this eBook to start involving your employees in your social strategy. For better or for worse, your employees have the ability to influence your potential client base and impact your social media marketing efforts.

GA employee influence

While your company may have done the basics on social media, your employees are the personality that puts a face to the company. They’re the ones who gain the trust of users and influence their purchasing decisions. If you’ve managed others, then you’ve likely seen the impact that your words and actions can have on others.

In fact, we see more and more today that there’s a shift wherein the employees are beginning to hold more and more influence both inside and outside their organization  - even rivaling some of their managers. A manager’s involvement can directly impact engagement for the employees they supervise. The executive level buy-in is compounded with the buy-in of the employees themselves, funneling through to an influence that can make a world of difference in marketing efforts.

At the end of the day, overlooking the power of employee influence is like looking over a vital component in your marketing strategy. Content has the ability to reach more users, and your marketing efforts have the ability to make larger impacts on potential clients when we understand fully the power of our employee’s influence. This is what forms the foundation for an advocacy program and is a critical component for any company strategy.New Call-to-action