13 Best AI Tools For Marketing (Beyond Content Writing Tools)

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Most marketers know about the latest AI tools for content creation on the market like Frase, Jasper AI, and Surfer SEO, but content generation is just one use case for AI in marketing.

There are many other AI marketing tools that can help you achieve a higher ROI by identifying new opportunities in your marketing strategy and automating the execution of these marketing processes.

As a result, your team can quickly identify the highest ROI opportunities and better allocate marketing resources accordingly.

Below we’ll introduce you to some of the best AI tools for marketing to help you accomplish your goals cheaper and faster.

1. GaggleAMP – Best for Employee Advocacy Automation

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Employee advocacy leverages your employees to promote branded messages for your company (usually via social media).

For example, if you have a new product launch coming up or you’re recruiting for a new position at your company, you can simply ask your employees to share the news on their personal social media accounts.

While employee advocacy is highly effective at increasing awareness, it can be difficult to keep employees consistently engaged. This is because employees often don’t know what to say or don’t have time to draft a compelling social media post. Thanks to AI for social media marketing, that doesn’t have to be an issue.

GaggleAMP’s new AI-powered writing feature solves this problem by allowing social media managers to assign a specific activity (e.g., share this specific post to your LinkedIn profile) and generate pre-written text for the employee with one click.

GaggleAMP AI Powered Paraphrase Feature

This way, when the employee receives the engagement activity request, they just have to hit “publish” (though they can edit the text if they wish). By reducing the effort required from employees to engage, social media managers can significantly improve employee participation rates and ultimately increase brand awareness and content amplification.

Here’s how GaggleAMP works:

Step 1: Social Media Managers Select an Engagement Activity

Instead of making employees choose the engagement activity (like, comment, share, etc.) or social media platform (LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.), the social media manager can make that decision for them by selecting the relevant engagement activity.

GaggleAmp New Activity Dashboard

Step 2: Social Media Managers Add AI Written Text and Assign the Activity

Next, the social media manager can use GaggleAMP’s AI-powered writing assistant to create a summary of the post and add other instructions to the engagement activity, like a publish deadline.


Then, the social media manager assigns the activity to a relevant employee.

Step 3: The Employee Approves the Post and Schedules It for Publishing

The employee receives a notification when the manager assigns a new activity, and they can log into their personal Gaggle to view the list of assigned activities.

Each engagement activity already has pre-written text that the manager generated with GaggleAMP’s AI writing tool. Therefore, employees just have to review the post, make any edits they wish, and schedule it for publishing.

GaggleAMP AI Powered Paraphrase Example Activity

By offering pre-written, pre-approved text, employees won’t worry about saying something off-brand, and it requires far less effort to participate in your employee advocacy program. As a result, employee engagement will increase, and you'll finally be able to maintain sustainable engagement.

You can learn more about how GaggleAMP makes it easy for brands to increase employee engagement by scheduling a demo today.


GaggleAMP offers 50, 75, 100, and 200+ Members Plans. Payment options are monthly or yearly.

GaggleAMP New Pricing Page

2. Seventh Sense – Best for Email Deliverability Automation

Best AI Tools for Marketing - SeventhSense Landing Page

Seventh Sense uses AI to analyze the historical open rate data for each individual person on your email list. Then, it uses that data to determine the time when that individual is most likely to open an email, and it sends your emails at that optimal time.

For example, if John usually opens his emails at 6 am EST, but Jude usually opens her emails at 12 pm EST, Seventh Sense will send your email to John at 6 am EST and to Jude at 12 pm EST.

Personalizing send times significantly improves open rates, which boosts conversion rates and reduces the chances your email will eventually fall into their spam inbox.

Sending emails at a personalized time based on each person's historical engagement data also prevents multiple people from the same company from receiving your email simultaneously.

Spreading out send times is beneficial because it helps your emails avoid spam filters.  

Seventh Sense also lets you throttle emails in case your sales team has too much demand and can’t keep up with it.

It integrates with HubSpot and Marketo, and you can also use their free split testing and email deliverability audit tools to level up your email marketing campaigns.


Seventh Sense has two different pricing tiers for HubSpot and Marketo users:

Best AI Tools for Marketing - SeventhSense Pricing

3. Magic Thumbnails – Best for Video Thumbnail Automation

Best AI Tools for Marketing - MagicThumbnails Landing Page

If you're creating video content, you already know that the thumbnail is one of the most critical factors in improving total views and engagement.

Many video marketers previously hired freelancers on Upwork or Fiverr to create these thumbnails for them. However, hiring freelancers is costly and resource intensive as each thumbnail may require several rounds of revisions.

To solve this problem, Magic Thumbnails is an AI social media content generator. It automatically generates YouTube optimized thumbnails for you. To use it, add your video title and description, and the tool will spit out a finished thumbnail for you. If you don't like the initial version, you can ask it to make another one.

This tool makes it easy to quickly test multiple video thumbnails without collaborating with a designer.


Magic Thumbnails does not list its pricing publicly, though third-party sources state that users can generate up to 35 thumbnails for a fee of $5.

4. Optimove – Best for Campaign Performance Insights and Optimization

Best AI Tools for Marketing - Optimove Landing Page

Your team already has a lot of data they could use to improve campaign performance. The only problem is that it's time-consuming to pull data from all of your marketing campaigns into one place, analyze the data, identify key actionable insights and opportunities, and then execute changes according to those insights.

Optimove's AI-powered Optibot automates all of those steps for you.

It pulls all of the campaign data into one place, identifies the biggest improvement opportunities, and can even automatically implement A/B tests based on the data. Alternatively, it can also simply recommend changes based on the customer data it collected.

Optimove is technically a customer-led marketing platform. In addition to the Optibot, it also offers plenty of other features that allow you to leverage data to run more personalized marketing campaigns that drive results.

For example, it provides real-time content recommendations and personalized messaging based on prior customer actions so that each interaction with your brand is well-timed and prospects move through the funnel faster.


Unfortunately, Optimove does not offer any public pricing information. But you can request a demo.

5. Attentive – Best for SMS Automation

Best AI Tools for Marketing - Attentive Landing Page

Attentive is excellent for SMS automation, as it uses AI tools for content creation to help you create more personalized SMS campaigns in a fraction of the time.

Specifically, it can create text for you and even auto-generate images.

To generate text, simply write a description of the SMS campaign you're launching. For example, you could type in "product drop for brand new limited edition high heels," and it will write several variations of text messages you could send based on that phrase.

To create an image, type in a phrase describing the type of image you want to generate, and it will create several versions of the image for you. You can then add it to your SMS campaign with one click.

In addition to automating the text message creation process, AI can also automate the campaign segmentation and send process. A few of the features it offers include:

  • Accurate segmentation.
  • Dynamic personalization.
  • Multi-touch experiences and recurring sends.
  • Predictive targeting and triggered sends.

It also offers email marketing features and detailed analytics dashboards to level up your campaign performance.


Unfortunately, Attentive does not offer any public pricing information. But you can request a demo.

6. Midjourney – Best for Image Automation

Best AI Tools for Marketing - Midjourney Landing Page

Many content marketers previously hired graphic designers or manually created images in Canva to add to blog posts, newsletters, or social media posts.

Both processes are time-consuming and resource intensive. In addition, creating blog images is a relatively low ROI activity.

Midjourney solves these problems by allowing you to type any prompt into the platform, and it will create a high-quality image for you.

This allows you to edit images faster (rather than collaborating with a designer), meaning you can also run more A/B image tests. Midjourney also makes it easier for marketers to produce a higher quantity of images per blog post, which can make each blog post and other content marketing assets more effective.


Midjourney has plans starting at $10 per month.

Best AI Tools for Marketing - Midjourney Pricing

7. Pathmonk – Best for Website CRO Optimization

Best AI Tools for Marketing - Pathmonk Landing Page

Traditional CRO tools allow you to run A/B tests, and some of the more advanced tools provide insights into actions you can take to improve conversions.

However, Pathmonk uses AI to not only test campaigns and extract insights, but also implement changes and continuously improve your website or landing page's performance.

Here's the four-step process the tool uses to improve conversions strategically:

  1. UX and technical website review.

  2. Buying journey analysis (with AI-powered insights).

  3. Uses AI CRO tools to make adjustments.

  4. Enables multiple conversion goals based on visitor journey.

  5. Provides optional ad optimizations (campaign specific website conversion optimization).

As you can see, it tracks your entire buyer journey and provides insights based on the data to continuously improve your entire marketing funnel.

It also has retargeting features that allow you to maximize ad ROI based on user intent insights rather than cookies or chatbots.


Pathmonk has several different pricing plans, though each one is based on page views:

Best AI Tools for Marketing - Pathmonk Pricing

8. 6sense – Best for ABM Automation

Best AI Tools for Marketing - 6Sense Landing Page

6sense is an ABM platform that has added plenty of new AI features to make it easier than ever before to reach the right audience at the right time.

One of the biggest problems with ABM marketing is finding the best accounts to target, the best people within those accounts, and then knowing when to reach out and what to say.

6sense's new AI-powered tools replace these manual processes. Below are the specific data points that 6sense gathers for AI to analyze:

  • Website Activity: Deanonymize website visitor behavior and tie it back to an account.
  • Company Data: Utilize revenue range, company size, financial information, etc.
  • People Data: Leverage over 380 million buyer profiles with verified phone numbers, emails, and psychographics.
  • Intent data: Track topics at the keyword level.
  • Pre-Intent data: Find data like company news, leadership changes, job listings, funding data, and more to improve outreach.
  • CRM and MAP: Create tailored predictions, recommendations, and aggregated insights in one dashboard.

Using AI and machine learning to analyze this data for you, you can uncover accounts you might have otherwise overlooked and reduce human error to improve your overall campaign performance.


6sense does not offer any public pricing information. They do offer the option to book a custom demo.

9. Ad Creative – Best for Ad Creative Optimization

Best AI Tools for Marketing - AdCreativeAI Landing Page

Tools like Midjourney allow you to generate any image you want with AI, and tools like Copy.ai allow you to generate text. However, Ad Creative is essentially a combination of the two tools.  It's designed specifically for generating social media ad creatives.

To get started, select one of the ad creative templates for the social platform you intend to publish on, and then it will generate hundreds of creatives and banners in seconds. It will even score the ad creatives for you.

You can also ask Ad Creative to generate various headline titles and translate your ads into multiple languages.

To maximize its automation capabilities, connect your ad accounts to the platform so that you can publish directly to the respective platforms. Ad Creative will also show you a list of your top 10 performing ad creatives and provide a list of relevant insights to incorporate into your next ad campaign.


Ad Creative offers three pricing tiers: Startup, Professional, and Agency.

Best AI Tools for Marketing - AdCreativeAI Pricing

10. Alli AI – Best for On-Page SEO Optimizations

Best AI Tools for Marketing - AlliAI Landing Page

There are plenty of copywriting AI tools that allow you to produce search engine-friendly content, but there are many other technical SEO optimizations that a tool like Alli AI allows you to automate with AI.

Instead of paying for someone to do an on-page SEO audit and then execute on the opportunities found, Alli AI automatically identifies on-page SEO optimization opportunities and then executes them for you with just one click.

Some optimization suggestions it might offer include adding canonical tags, external link targets, image alt/title text, missing meta description/title tags, too many H1 tags, and more.

Alli AI also offers an in-browser content editor to add title tags, meta descriptions, and other on-page elements directly in your browser rather than diving into the CMS.

The Alli AI team is also rolling out an automated A/B tester that uses AI to write self-optimizing, keyword rich titles, and automatically adjusts them based on ranking changes in the SERPs. It also has other content optimization features on the product roadmap that will be available soon.


Alli AI offers three pricing plans: Consultant, Agency, and Enterprise.

Best AI Tools for Marketing - AlliAI Pricing

11. Pictory – Best for AI Video Generation

Best AI Tools for Marketing - Pictory Landing Page

Pictory is an AI video tool that allows users to edit and generate videos using AI. While it's still in its infancy, it allows you to upload a script and then it pulls relevant images from Shutterstock to generate a video for you.

You can also upload your own media and edit the video it creates.

While it can't yet create a video of, say, you talking about a specific subject, it's still helpful to incorporate it into your marketing strategy as you can automatically generate a video for any blog post to aid content repurposing efforts and increase your content output.

In addition to generating videos, it has a video highlight creator that's useful for repurposing your long-form video content into shorts and reels for your social media marketing strategy.

For example, if one of your executives spoke at a conference, you could upload the video to Pictory, and it will scan the content for the most significant moments and then trim that video segment and turn it into a social media clip for you.

It also offers basic video editing tools like a text editor (you edit the text, and the tool edits the video accordingly), the ability to add custom colors and a logo, and subtitles.


Pictory offers a free trial plus three plans: Standard, Premium, and Teams. Plans can be paid monthly or annually.

Best AI Tools for Marketing - Pictory Pricing

12. Buffer – Best for Social Media Management Automation

Best Social Publishing Systems - Buffer

Buffer is one of many social media management tools that is making it easier to streamline your social media workflows, from content creation to publishing and scheduling.

We chose Buffer because its AI for social media assistant is simple and easy to use yet effective.

Specifically, it allows you to type in any prompt like “Write a post about Black Friday promoting our latest products,” and it will generate text for a social media post. If you don’t like the first suggestion, you can ask it to generate another one. You can also give it your tone and style guidelines to ensure the content is on-brand.

You can also ask Buffer’s AI assistant to create multiple variations of a post and then A/B test them for you.

Some other AI-enabled features it offers include automatic content repurposing and translation.

The best part is that you can automatically add the posts to your social media calendar to ensure your publishing frequency remains consistent.

If you explore Buffer’s other features, you’ll see that it offers a social media calendar, in-platform customer engagement features, analytics, and even a landing page builder.


Buffer offers monthly and yearly billing cycles along with four plans, which includes a free option.  

Social Selling Tools Pricing for Buffer

13. HubSpot – Best for AI-powered Copywriting

When you're considering AI for your marketing campaigns, it's easy enough to think of AI for blog posts. But, there is so much more you can do with an AI solution, especially within the HubSpot customer platform. 

The HubSpot AI Content Writer can help you scale your output by assisting you with website copy, social media posts, coming up with email drafts, meta descriptions, and so much more. 

While the AI is helpful, the power comes from marketing and sales teams being able to scale quickly. And, if you have ever had a case of writer's block, the AI Content Writer can help you bust through it!

HubSpot is already one of the more tried and true marketing automation suites on the market, and their inclusion of AI-powered copywriting makes it an absolute staple you need in your arsenal. 


HubSpot's pricing varies by platforms and products, and they do have a free version available.

Best AI Tools for Marketing - HubSpot Pricing

Selecting the Best Artificial Intelligence Tools for Your Marketing Strategy

Plenty of new writing tools make content generation easy, though AI is much more than a tool to improve your content strategy or cut costs on freelance writers.

The future of AI in social media is bright. Used properly, AI tools for marketing can help you discover new opportunities to improve your digital marketing strategy and execute those strategies.

As a result, you'll be able to operate with a leaner marketing team and deliver a better customer experience.

The tools above are just a handful of those incorporating AI technology into their products to deliver better data and automate execution.

We saw the potential of AI and are continuing to update GaggleAMP to make it easier to automate as much of the employee advocacy process as possible to increase employee engagement rates and help companies generate more brand awareness while minimizing the social media manager's organizational commitment.

You can learn more about how GaggleAMP helps automate employee advocacy management or schedule a demo today.

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