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The Many Stakeholders for Your Marketing Efforts

Posted on 02/07/2017

Your marketing plan is in place with the necessary information to carry out your action and bring your product or concept to market. You know exactly what you want to measure, but you’re missing a key attribute: digital engagements. Basically, you need to ask how you are specifically engaging other stakeholders as part of your digital marketing strategy. Knowing who your stakeholders are becomes essential to the outcome of any marketing action.

Watch this video to learn how to engage your different stakeholder groups

Who are the stakeholders within your company?

  • Your sales organization
  • Your Human Resources group
  • Your internal communication team

Who are the stakeholders outside your company?

  • Customers
  • Channel Partners

The above have some stake in making sure that the digital efforts are going to be successful. Internal stakeholders especially play a significant role since they are right there working with you and will benefit directly from the success of any actions. Those stakeholders from outside the company serve as advocates for your company and its products, speaking on your behalf and working as partners to achieving success for your marketing endeavors.

Stakeholders are not only important to the process of moving forward, they are necessary and should be included from plan inception through execution. The engagement in the digital landscape with stakeholders as part of the process will be the defining attribute to achievement.

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