JBC Amps Up Recruiting Efforts with GaggleAMP

JBC Amps Up Recruiting Efforts with GaggleAMP

JBC provides recruiting services for the fashion industry. Operating in such a creative industry, they saw a huge opportunity to leverage GaggleAMP to connect with candidates on social media.

"The largest benefit of GaggleAMP is being able to reach a max audience in a short amount of time."


JBC is the leading full-service search firm owning the niche industry of fashion recruitment. With a focus on matching innovative brands with talented individuals, JBC is uniquely positioned to support our clients in their talent pool development. Emily Sarver and Marisa Meiskin serve as the Social Media and Marketing Managers.

Starting a Social Strategy from Scratch

Emily and Marisa were tasked with starting JBC’s social media presence from scratch. As a recruiting firm, they knew how effective social media could be to help fill positions but also needed to increase brand awareness. JBC wanted an easy way for their recruiters and employees to see all the work that they were doing and get involved in sharing company news and open positions.

Emily and Marisa were introduced to GaggleAMP through one of their recruiters and the CEO bought into the idea immediately.

How GaggleAMP Helped

GaggleAMP has helped JBC by empowering their employees and recruiters to push out open jobs to their networks. They can now share each other’s jobs and work together to fill positions without the manual work previously required. With hundreds of jobs a week, JBC can be strategic about which job they want the whole company to push out and prioritize ones that need immediate fills or that they want to get awareness on.

GaggleAMP has also opened internal communications at JBC. Employee sharing has helped them identify and learn from their employee experts. They are starting to pay attention to what employees are interested in sharing and using that knowledge to shape their content and social strategies. JBC has recruiters that have been working in fashion for over 10 years so it has been really helpful for the social team to listen and learn from them. 


"GaggleAMP has really been great overall. It's been huge for us in terms of starting our social media presence!"

Employee Advocacy Results

JBC is seeing an increase in candidates applying for their open positions. They are able to take in more people, review them and get more placements thanks to the sharing enabled by GaggleAMP.

They have made several placements from GaggleAMP and it has also brought in new talent. At this point, JBC as a whole has reached almost 500 million people. While GaggleAMP has improved business it has also fostered a great understanding of social media and why it is important for our business and branding to employees.

GaggleAMP GA2 Employee Advocacy Demo Video

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