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In today’s highly competitive job market, it’s essential for businesses to have a compelling employer brand. With top talent in high demand, a positive employer brand can make all the difference in attracting the right candidates for your organization.

More companies than ever before are leveraging their LinkedIn employer branding to attract talent, build trust with potential clients, and grow their companies. This article will teach you how to enhance your employer branding strategy on LinkedIn and show you some employer branding social media examples. Get ready to be the brand employees love working for and future candidates’ first choice.

What Is Employer Branding on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn employer branding is how you position your company on the most popular platform that recruiters use to hunt for top talent. In other words, it’s how you communicate your company’s unique personality, values, and culture to potential job seekers, current employees, and business partners.

This is conveyed through various components including your company’s profile, job postings, employee testimonials, and multimedia content such as photos and videos. By demonstrating your company’s strengths and accomplishments, you can create a captivating narrative that attracts the best talent and fosters a positive impression of your organization. It’s like showing off your company’s best features on a dating app, but instead of swipes, you get resumes.

A LinkedIn post from Ciscos company profile about the positive impact of their recently held Women of Impact event

The Importance of Employer Branding on LinkedIn

With more than 900 million members worldwide, LinkedIn is the go-to platform for professionals looking for career opportunities. To attract the best talent for your company, you need solid LinkedIn employer branding.

This means having a strong presence and a positive narrative on LinkedIn is crucial if you want to attract the most suitable workforce and the best business relationships. The following are key aspects to focus your employer branding on LinkedIn as part of any employer branding framework:

Attracting Top Talent Through a Strong Employer Brand

When potential candidates come across your company on LinkedIn, they should be able to get a clear sense of what it's like to work there. This can be achieved by sharing posts that feature employee testimonials or the daily work culture. When done well, this can help attract candidates who are a great fit and are excited about the prospect of working for you. After all, a company’s most valuable asset is its people.

Starbucks does a great job of sharing posts that reflect their company culture and the reasons why you would want to pursue a career with them.

Starbucks shared a video showing one of their employee give out a testimonial about his career experience with the company

Source: Starbucks

Building Trust and Loyalty With Potential Clients Through Corporate Branding

The benefits of employer branding also spread to the company’s overall corporate branding. When potential customers or clients find your company on LinkedIn, they’ll see not just what you do, but how you do it. A strong employer brand can show your company’s commitment to its employees, which in turn can build trust and loyalty with potential clients.

In the example below, Google’s Overview showcases the strength of their employer branding by explaining their mission of solving problems and creating opportunities for everyone. Who wouldn’t want to work for Google (or use their products) after reading that?

Google’s Overview showcases the strength of their employer branding by explaining their mission of solving problems and creating opportunities for everyone

Source: Google

Impact on Future Talent Acquisition

LinkedIn is especially powerful when it comes to employer branding in recruitment. By cultivating a positive employer brand, companies can attract professionals who are aligned with their values and their mission. These employees are more likely to be more engaged, productive, and committed to work, which can have a ripple effect on the entire organization. This can lead to a more positive work environment, increased employee retention, and ultimately, bigger growth and success for the company.

Here, we reshare a post where an employee is letting their connections know that their company is hiring. When current employees share how much they love their company and that the company is hiring, it’s more credible than just a generic company “we’re hiring” post.

GaggleAMP shared and commented on a post from a CP&Y employee is letting their connections know that their company is hiring

Source: GaggleAMP

Impact on Current Employees

Finally, LinkedIn employer branding can also have a positive impact on current employees. When employees feel proud to work for their company, they are more likely to be engaged and motivated in their work. And happy employees have the potential to increase ROI for the company, improve the hiring process, and increase employee retention. If you send out a positive employer vibe, you can reinforce that sense of pride and loyalty among your current employees.

Check out this employee post where their company sent virtual employees a fun snack box. Not only was it a thoughtful gesture to make remote employees feel included, but it was a great visual content opportunity for employees to take a pic of their snack box and post it on LinkedIn.

An employee from Imagine Learning sharing a post on LinkedIn of an employee snack basket sent by the company

Source: Imagine Learning

Employer Branding Ideas for LinkedIn

Having strong LinkedIn employer branding is all about authenticity and illustrating what makes your company special. Below you’ll see the four types of employer branding examples LinkedIn loves.

Use these four ideas to help you build a strong employer brand on LinkedIn:

1. Showcase Company Values and Mission

Your company’s value and mission are the foundation of your employer brand. Not only do they reflect your brand’s unique personality and voice, but they also communicate what you stand for. Showcasing your company’s mission and core values is the first step towards attracting talent that shares those same values.

Apple does a great job highlighting their commitment to their values and mission with the showcase page below. Notice how they draw attention to their diversity and inclusion initiatives, showing applicants of all backgrounds and ethnicities that they are valued and welcome at Apple.

Apple has their values and mission on display on their LinkedIn Company Profile

Source: Apple

2. Highlight Workplace Culture

Translation: Give your followers a taste of what it's like to work at your company. Highlight unique perks, share team-building activities, and introduce employee recognition programs. Presenting a positive workplace culture will help set you apart from the competition, and it will help attract candidates who align perfectly with your workplace culture.

Take the example from Spotify India on this LinkedIn post. They take the time to highlight, and capture, big wins and successes, and you can see the happiness radiating off the team photo.

Spotify India posted on LinkedIn a photo of their team to celebrate their successes and achieved milestones

Source: Rahul Baylan

3. Share Employee Testimonials

These are especially powerful when it comes to building trust with potential candidates. People who are interested in working for your company will research what other employees have to say about you. In fact, employer brand statistics say that an employee’s voice is 3x more credible than the CEO’s voice when it comes to talking about the working conditions at the company.

Encourage your employees to share their experiences and stories on LinkedIn – you can even present them on your company page. This will help humanize your brand and bring intrigued talent even closer to your doors.

Here’s an example of two employee testimonials talking about their experiences working for Slack.

Two employee testimonials featured on Slacks LinkedIn Company Profile

Source: Slack

4. Leverage Multimedia Content

Including multimedia such as photos and videos in your LinkedIn employer branding strategy can help bring your company’s overall profile to life and bring your audience even closer to you. For example, share photos of your team in action, or in HubSpot’s case below, a Good Boss Energy video.

HubSpot shared on LinkedIn a video about the key indicatiors of a good boss

Source: HubSpot 

How To Build a Powerful Employer Brand on LinkedIn

Now that you know what kind of branded content resonates with LinkedIn audiences, it’s time to level up. Did you know that 75% of job seekers are more likely to apply for a job if the employer actively manages its employer brand? Not only that, a strong employer brand can reduce the cost per hire by up to 50%, while a company’s negative reputation can cost 10% more per hire.

To build a powerful employer brand on LinkedIn, implement these five tips:

1. Consistency Across All LinkedIn Pages and Profiles

Consistency is an absolute must when it comes to building a strong employer brand. Make sure your company’s messaging and branding are consistent across all LinkedIn pages and profiles. This will help reinforce your company’s mission and value while creating a recognizable brand identity.

2. Authenticity in Messaging and Content

When it comes to building trust with potential candidates, authenticity is non-negotiable. Be honest and transparent in your content. Share real stories from employees, and show your company culture in its authentic voice. There’s no other company like you, so there is no reason to emulate a competitor’s style and tone. Your uniqueness as a brand will create a genuine connection, both with potential candidates and clients.

3. Engage With Followers and Potential Candidates

Do you want to build fruitful relationships on LinkedIn? Then you need to take the time to engage with your followers. Respond to comments and messages in a timely manner, and share relevant content that your audience will find valuable. This will create a sense of community and establish your company as a thought leader in your industry.

4. Monitor and Respond to Reviews and Feedback

In order to maintain the positive image you have created for your brand, you need to constantly monitor and respond to any type of feedback you get on LinkedIn. Responding to both positive and negative reviews and feedback will show that your company cares about its people and their opinions. It will also provide an opportunity to address any concerns and improve overall company operations.

The top comment on a post from Apollo io sharing blunt feedback to the company who promptly responded and took actions in the matter

Source: LinkedIn

5. Expand Your Reach Through Your Employees

Employees can be the best army of advocates a company can have. But in order to use their full potential, first you need to guide them through the process of using LinkedIn or any other social media for the purpose of employer branding on social media.

Familiarize them with the company style guide, show them what type of content to post, and make it easy for them to share. Once they know what to do, they will spread the brand’s message much further and in front of many more people than your company’s channels ever will.

GaggleAMP Can Help With LinkedIn Employer Branding

Whether you want to boost your employer branding or employee advocacy, GaggleAMP will significantly simplify the engagement process for everyone — employees, stakeholders, and prospects. It can help you curate content for your employee influencers thus raising brand awareness and online engagement at the same time.

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