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Enterprise brands face unique social media challenges because the company's sheer size means you have more brand initiatives to announce and, therefore, more internal leaders to collaborate with during the content creation process.

So unlike a small business social media manager who probably only coordinates with a few people each month when creating content, enterprise social media managers have to do much more internal coordination to ensure they're promoting the right brand initiatives.

However, content creation is only part of the challenge.

Once the social media post is published, you obviously want your employees to engage with it. While a small business can send a few Slack messages asking team members to engage, enterprise social media managers can’t. With thousands of employees, they have more of a challenge and need to ensure the right people in the right departments are spreading the right messages.

To help you simplify the operational complexities of running enterprise social media accounts, here are a few social media management platforms designed specifically to solve these challenges.

Best Employee Advocacy Tool For Enterprise Companies


GaggleAMP is designed specifically for enterprise companies that need an organized process to ensure employees consistently engage with branded content on social media.

Prior to adopting GaggleAMP, many social media managers were either:

  • Sending mass Slack messages to employees and begging them to engage. Unfortunately, most of these messages fell on deaf ears as the messages eventually became noisy, and employees realized there's no accountability or recognition for their efforts.  
  • Sending personalized email messages with engagement requests for specific posts. While personalized messages generate better engagement rates, it's time consuming for you to send them and isn't a scalable method for the long term.

In addition, it's difficult (if not impossible) to manually measure the ROI of employee advocacy, which makes it even tougher to get buy-in from team members.

So we built GaggleAMP to solve all of these problems. Here are its three core functionalities:

  • Managers can easily assign specific engagement activities to specific employees (or groups of employees) at scale
  • Employees receive specific engagement instructions and can complete the engagement activities in just a few minutes per week
  • It accurately measures the ROI of employee advocacy efforts so that you can justify the efforts.

Here's a brief overview of how GaggleAMP works. Or, if you know this is the kind of tool that your company could benefit from, feel free to schedule a demo today.

Step 1: Create an Engagement Activity

GaggleAMP is unique from other employee advocacy tools because it enables managers to assign specific engagement activities (e.g., “share this LinkedIn post”) to employees. Other tools place the burden on employees to select the post from a library of content and the engagement action (like, comment, share, etc.).

So to get started, select one of GaggleAMP’s many engagement activities.

GaggleAMP’s engagement activities are divided by social platform (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.), and then outline a specific engagement request (like, comment, share, etc.)

Once you’ve selected the engagement activity, you can include specific instructions, like a link to the post you want them to engage with and even pre-written text.


Step 2: Employees Complete The Engagement Activity

After you assign an engagement activity, the employee will receive a notification via one of the following platforms (you choose):

  • Slack, Microsoft Teams, or Salesforce through our integration
  • Email
  • GaggleAMP's mobile app

Once employees receive the notification, they can click into their personal Gaggle and see a handful of personalized engagement activities with specific instructions from you.

GaggleAMP Members Engagement Activities

By giving employees specific instructions, it removes a lot of the friction for employees as they no longer have to ask themselves:

  • Which post should I engage with?
  • What should I say?
  • Is it against the company’s social media policy to say this?
  • Which platform(s) should I engage on?

By removing this friction, we’ve found that employees are much more willing to engage, making your employee advocacy program sustainable.

After completing the engagement activities directly inside the Gaggle, employees can publish them immediately or schedule them to publish at a future date/time. This way, the engagement activities go live throughout the week, but employees only have to dedicate a few minutes once per week to employee advocacy.


Does this sound like the tool you need to create a sustainable employee advocacy program? You can schedule a demo to learn more or jump into the platform today!

Step 3: Reward Engaged Employees

Another reason most employee advocacy programs fall apart is that engaged employees rarely receive recognition for their efforts due to the complexities of manually tracking engagement.

To solve this, GaggleAMP offers a public leaderboard that ranks employees by engagement. Here's how it works:

  1. Managers assign points for each engagement activity (e.g., 5 points for liking a post, 10 points for commenting on a post, 15 points for sharing a post, etc.)

  2. When employees complete an activity, they receive the corresponding points

  3. The public leaderboard ranks employees by those with the most points

This inspires friendly competition and allows you to recognize and reward employees for their hard work.

GaggleAMP Rewards Example Image

Step 4: Measure Social Media Campaign Results

GaggleAMP also makes it easy for you to measure the ROI of your social media efforts by providing key metrics like total clicks, reach, and more.

You can also break it down by social media channel and easily identify patterns that will help you further optimize future campaigns.

With solid metrics to prove the ROI of your efforts, it's easier to get buy-in from executives and employees (and it's gratifying to see the fruit of your work!).

GaggleAMP Home Dashboard

To see how GaggleAMP can help you exponentially increase your brand's social media presence, schedule a demo today.

Best Social Scheduling Tools For Enterprise

By scheduling your content in advance, you'll be able to maintain a consistent publishing schedule, which is critical for social media success. Here are a few social media tools that make it easy to schedule your content in advance.


Enterprise Social Media Management - Buffer

Buffer's scheduling tool makes it easy for you to collaborate with other team members and ensure your posts are published on time.

First, it offers various team permissions so that you can create an efficient approval process. This way, content creators and other team members can help you create posts, though you can still look them over and edit them before scheduling the posts to publish.

In addition, Buffer's first comment feature enables you to program the platform to publish a comment as soon as the post goes live. This way, it's easy to start a discussion in the comments and help the post gain early traction.

Buffer also lets you set comment alerts and respond directly from your desktop. If you're drowning in comments, you'll appreciate Buffer's critical comment detection feature which uses machine learning to detect important comments such as purchase questions, negative sentiment, and more.

Finally, Buffer also offers an analytics suite that makes it easier to identify top performing content so that you can optimize future campaigns.


Enterprise Social Media Management - CoSchedule

CoSchedule is known for its easy-to-use content marketing calendar, and it focuses more on the content creation side of things. So in addition to scheduling social media posts, you can also schedule blog posts, presentations, and other content.

However, it's also very effective social media management tool as you can add team members to projects, create publishing checklists, and assign different permission levels (publish, approval only, etc.).

It also offers other features like social scheduling templates, bulk social uploads, and ReQueue (its marketing automation feature that enables you to republish your best content).

Best Social Listening Tools For Enterprise

Another important social strategy that every enterprise brand should leverage is monitoring competitors' social strategies and popular industry trends. As manually tracking these things can be tiring, here are a few social listening tools that can automate the process.


Enterprise Social Media Management - Mention

Mention offers three core features that make it easy for you to keep a pulse on critical social signals:

  • Alerts
  • Monitor
  • Listen

Alerts enable you to enter a relevant keyword and then Mention scans various social platforms for conversations containing that keyword. This way, you can always join relevant conversations and keep up to date with the latest industry trends.

If you’re worried about alerts becoming noisy, you can customize them further as Mention offers the following three alert types:

  • Basic Alerts: Enter a keyword and it tracks that keyword
  • Standard Alerts: Offers a query builder to track keyword combinations
  • Advanced Alerts: Use Boolean Search to completely customize monitoring

Mention’s Monitor feature tracks the social web and sends you a report of what people are saying about a particular brand or product. To ensure the reports don’t become noisy, you can customize the send time and frequency.

Finally, Mention’s Listen feature is essentially an analytics tool that helps you compare trends and filter by key conversations. This way, you can quickly identify the most popular social trends among your target audience and better optimize future marketing campaigns.


Enterprise Social Media Management - Awario

Awario is similar to Mention in that it enables you to track specific keywords/brand mentions and then receive reports on the data you're tracking.

It also supports team collaboration as members can create status updates for each mention (mark as done, star important mentions, etc.), and managers can set team roles and permissions.

To keep up with your marketing strategy on the go, Awario also offers a mobile app that makes it easy to view and respond to important mentions.

Awario also makes it easy to prove the ROI of your marketing efforts to stakeholders and clients with clean white-label reports that contain data like sentiment analysis, keyword mentions, and influencer engagement rates.


Enterprise Social Media Management - Repustate

Repustate is a social listening tool that focuses primarily on helping you improve your customer experience.

Its core feature is advanced sentiment analysis which analyzes your customer's social media engagement so that the marketing and customer support team can work together to craft a better customer experience.

It can understand customer data in multiple languages and across multiple content mediums (text, video, audio, etc.). This way, you can draw from a larger pool of customer data and note important trends across specific platforms or regions.

In addition to its customer relationship management offering, Repustate also offers features for analyzing the employee experience. So if your HR department wants to know more about how your employees feel, Repustate can help.

Best Social Content Creation/Repurposing Tools For Enterprise

One of the most underrated social media strategy hacks is simply curating, repurposing, and reposting existing content. So to help you streamline the process, here are a few key tools to consider.

Repurpose House

Enterprise Social Media Management - Repurpose House

If someone on your team does a podcast, video, or Livestream, you can use Repurpose House to turn that content into hundreds of social media posts.

Specifically, Repurpose House enables you to create:

  • Video Memes
  • Audiograms
  • Image Quotes
  • Text-Motion

While most of the examples show how it can repurpose video and audio content, Repurpose House also enables you to take blog post content and repurpose snippets to social platforms.

Depending on the pricing tier you select, you can either leverage its templates and do it yourself, or you can pay to have the Repurpose House team select the clips and create the social posts for you.

In fact, their highest pricing tier will even schedule the social media posts!

Enterprise Social Media Management - is similar to Repurpose House, though instead of offering a done-for-you service, it's just a tool designed to help you automate the repurposing process with easy-to-use templates.

Here's the simple three step process to repurpose your content:

  1. Choosing a content source: Select a video from YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Zoom, DropBox, or Google Drive that you want to repurpose)

  2. Select a style: Adjust the video to a horizontal, vertical, square, or audio format

  3. Select a destination: Schedule the content to go live on various social media platforms

It's also worth noting that is designed specifically for video creators, TikTokers, live streamers, and podcasters. So if you're trying to repurpose text snippets from blog posts, it's probably not the best option.


Enterprise Social Media Management - Canva

If you have an intern or other content creators at your disposal, Canva is always a great option. They offer thousands of premade templates for each social media platform, and you can also create your own graphics with its free and premium icons.

Canva also offers team collaboration options with various roles and permission settings. Once you've added team members to the project, you can comment and edit it together.

Another cool feature that Canva offers is its Branded Templates and Kits. This enables you to create reusable templates with your brand's colors so that the team always uses the same colors, fonts, and logos.

Selecting The Best Enterprise Social Media Management Software For Your Needs

While there are plenty of social media strategies to choose from, we feel that employee advocacy is uniquely valuable as it enables you to multiply your content's organic reach by simply harnessing the power of your team members' networks.

Unfortunately, few companies take advantage of it because manually running an employee advocacy program can be an organizational nightmare.

This is why we built GaggleAMP.

It removes the friction for both employees and managers so that the program is sustainable for the long run.

To see for yourself if GaggleAMP is a good fit for your brand, schedule a demo or try it out for free today!

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