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In 2013, Jason Sibley, CEO of Creation Agency, was on the lookout for a more effective approach to digital marketing than traditional methods most companies use.

Creation Agency, a demand generation marketing firm with offices in Milton Keynes, England and Scottsdale, Arizona, saw typical marketing tactics becoming less and less successful regardless of industry or region. It saw banner ads getting less clicks, search phrases becoming more expensive, and click-through rates of marketing emails rapidly declining.

“There were a lot of indicators that we had to try and do digital marketing a different way,” Jason said.

When Jason started Creation Agency’s Twitter account in late 2008, he also started his own personal account to promote his business. It didn’t take long for him to notice that it was much easier to draw engagement and clicks from his personal account than his brand’s account. Today, Creation Agency has nearly 20,000 followers while Sibley’s account has over 101,000.

“You could imagine these two things happening in parallel,” Jason said. “One was traditional digital methods becoming a bit more expensive and less effective, and the best way to do social media being through people, not through brands. That led me to this epiphany which was, ‘there’s a better way to do this.’”

It was because of this realization that when Jason was introduced to GaggleAMP in 2013, he bought in right away. Creation Agency not only became a customer, but a partner as well. The marketing service provider landed a global IT company as its first GaggleAMP customer in 2014, and saw great results.

Without changing the content it wanted the company to share, Creation Agency gave 25 of the customer’s employees a spreadsheet of social posts to promote, and onboarded 25 other employees onto GaggleAMP. Of all the traffic the 50 employees brought in, 85% of it came from the 25 people on the customer’s Gaggle. This proved the value of the product to the customer.

“It was really a no-brainer,” Jason said. “It was just easy for them to use, and it didn’t take up much of their time.”

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Customer Experience

For many of Creation Agency’s customers, employee advocacy with GaggleAMP has made huge strides for their social engagement efforts. Typically, Creation Agency has been able to help customers get between 1,000 to 1,500 clicks-throughs per post, and one customer got as high as 2,600 click-throughs on a single post.

“If you can invest in this over a long term, it can pay back in dividends,” Jason said. “You can start to see some real business value. It’s ultimately the numbers that make people keep these programs.”

Creation Agency’s strategic partnership with GaggleAMP worked out, and what drove home the decision even further was Facebook’s gradual changes to its algorithm.

Facebook’s decision to prioritize personal accounts over brands on users’ feeds makes it harder for brands’ posts to get noticed. This allows Facebook to charge more for digital ads on its platform and results in the cost per lead to go up for another major channel, Jason said.

Employee advocacy is the best way to get around the changes to the Facebook algorithm. Instead of promoting initiatives on a brand account, organizations can use their employee advocacy programs to promote their initiatives through their employees. An employees’ post and engagements gets prioritized on feeds over that of a brand, which gets the brand’s message out in a more effective way, and saves money on Facebook ads.

“I promise you, what you’ll get will be at a much lower cost than if you do email marketing, Facebook paid ads, display advertising or Twitter advertising,” Jason said. “Social advocacy is consistently our lowest cost per lead.”

Intelligent Answers

When an organization reaches out to a marketing agency for help, it’s because they’re trying to solve a problem they’re facing.

Typically the problem is “we’re not getting enough leads” or “our cost per lead is too high.”

Now, instead of responding to a prospect with “we can run your social media ads better than you,” Creation Agency responds with “a really intelligent answer,” Jason said.

By explaining how employee advocacy works, and the benefits it has, customers get a view of an entirely different process and method to bringing in leads at a much lower cost. Once they have a successful employee advocacy program centered around GaggleAMP, they’ll keep it around.

“We’re able to have a nice story for customers that answers their biggest problem, which is combatting a declining return on ad spend,” Jason said. “Once you’ve got the program in place, it becomes really sticky, because it’s a great service you’re providing. It really helped us as a business.”  

Strategic Partners

Creation Agency and GaggleAMP have been partners since 2013, and continue to have a great relationship.

Both companies consistently help customers plan their employee advocacy programs strategically to get the best results possible. Creation Agency also trusts GaggleAMP’s product team to keep the software compliant with all regulations, including GDPR, and keep inline with ever-changing social media APIs.

“As a technically-led marketing agency, we work with a lot of software companies,” Jason said. “Without any question, the relationship, the engagement, the ability to listen, and the response is the best from GaggleAMP across all of those.”

Creation Agency and GaggleAMP continue to work together on helping customers reach their digital marketing potential.


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