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GaggleAMP Helps Proforma Drive Revenue For Its Franchise Owners


  • Marketing and Advertising


  • Franchise Owners

Use Case

  • Brand Awareness and Social Selling


  • 242 New Leads in Just Four Weeks
  • 19 Appointments Booked in Just Four Weeks
  • Over $5M in Attributed Revenue

GaggleAMP Helps Proforma Drive Revenue For Its Franchise Owners

Proforma is a global marketing solutions provider with a network of 750 franchise owners. With such a widespread owner network, Proforma saw a huge opportunity to leverage GaggleAMP to help them distribute content and drive sales for their owners.

  • Over $5,000,000 in sales from using GaggleAMP
  • 40% adoption rate among franchise owners

Proforma has a mission to enhance and simplify the delivery of commercial printing, promotional products, business forms, and e-commerce solutions. Tony Zayas is the Director of eCommerce Solutions and led the pilot and rollout of GaggleAMP.

Offering a “Ready for You” Content Program

When Tony started at Proforma, there was a lot of interest in social media. His network of 750 franchise owners knew there was an opportunity to gain business through social selling but the two major pain points that were very obvious were time and content. Proforma was creating fantastic content but it was not being utilized by their owners.

Most of the owners didn’t have the time or didn’t know what to do with the time when they did carve out a few minutes to post to their social accounts. On top of that knowing what type of content properly represented Proforma and the brand was a huge mystery to them. They just had no idea what type of content to put out that would be useful or interesting to their audience.

Tony knew that he needed a tool to empower his owner network and provide them the relevant content they craved to drive business. This tool would have to be dead simple to use and require very little time investment for his owners to use to achieve the 20% adoption rate he aimed for.

How GaggleAMP Helped

GaggleAMP has allowed Proformas owners to effectively utilize the content Proforma is creating to build a social presence. Proforma is able to deliver pre crafted messages designed for each social network. GaggleAMP has taken the guesswork out of social media for Proformas owners. Owners that were once dark on social are now able to boost their visibility with little effort. They are seeing new business opportunities with almost no time commitment.


"We use GaggleAMP to deliver content to franchise owners, to help them automate the process of keeping in sync with the Proforma brand, keeping their social media fresh and to ultimately generate leads via social. GaggleAMP allows them to free up their time to get rid of the content challenge."

Tony Zayas

Director of eCommerce Solutions at Proforma


Proforma is also seeing the benefits by providing their owners with the support they need to be successful franchise owners. At their yearly event, Proforma provides educational sessions for their owners to learn how to use GaggleAMP and social media more effectively. This has deepened the relationships with their owners and enabled Proforma to provide the marketing support to give their owners a competitive advantage.


"One of the most common things I heard was that the phone calls or initial appointments were much more productive and casula than a typical first sales call. There was a sense of familiarity like connecting with a friend...they absolutely loved that aspect. [Social selling] killed the cold call for them."

Tony Zayas

Director of eCommerce Solutions at Proforma


Employee Advocacy Results

Tony launched a four-week social media sales challenge in which 15 franchise owners participated. Participants ranged from beginners to novice social media users. The training for the challenge included video tutorials, Q&A sessions, and Facebook group discussions. Each week, Tony sent the participants a 20-minute video tutorial that included a bit of theory and a screencast/how-to tutorial.


"We are well beyond $5,000,000 in sales using GaggleAMP."

Tony Zayas

Director of eCommerce Solutions at Proforma


The results received were much better than Tony was expecting. In only 4 weeks and 15 participants, Proforma received more than 242 new legitimate lead opportunities, 19 appointments, and more than $271,000 in new business. Since then, social sales have accounted for more than $5,000,000 in revenue.