Most corporate communication professionals have a challenging job in coming up with messages to share on social media networks. Creating fresh content and curating third-party content to support an employee advocacy program can be a challenge without thinking through different strategies to slice and dice content. Here are five tips that will help you come up with your own corporate message campaigns.

  1. Think drip campaigns. Just as you would for an email campaign, consider using a theme that allows you to create a series of messages.
  2. Incorporate numbered lists. Find a way to express some data or suggestions that your company has for its market. People love "Top # Lists". You are reading this top 5 list aren't you?
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  3. Share value-add information from others. Consider pointing out other valuable data sources. This gives the company "social media street cred" around pointing out other industry data sources. It shares some link love with existing and potential partners and influencers.
  4. Use controversial statements. Most companies are skittish about controversial statements especially when they are number one in their market. However, controversial statements get attention and show that you have a strong view on an issue that resonates in the market.
  5. Re-use messages. Far too many people think that when a message is shared once, it can't be used again. Quite the contrary, consider variations of the same message and stagger over time.

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