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Social media is an excellent place to acquire top talent, but few companies effectively harness the power of social recruiting.

Simply publishing a job description on the company page doesn’t usually attract the best talent, and manually sending messages to interesting passive candidates is time-consuming.

Fortunately, using the right social media recruiting tools can help you automate many of the tedious tasks that make it difficult to efficiently find the best talent for your job.

Below, we’ll discuss several of our favorite social media recruiting tools that can help you develop (and automate!) a more effective social media recruiting process that consistently generates the right candidates.

1.) GaggleAMP

Most companies love the idea of employee advocacy (getting employees to share company initiatives with their social networks). However, getting the right employees to share the right company content at the right time can be an organizational nightmare.

Most managers begin their employee advocacy program by sending mass emails or Slack messages to the entire company/department with specific share requests. The problem with this strategy is that these messages quickly become noisy and are ultimately ignored.

GaggleAMP solves this problem.

It’s an employee advocacy tool that allows managers to assign specific social media engagement activities (like sharing a job post) to individual employees at scale. Employees also love it because they have a personalized list of relevant engagement assignments with specific instructions so that they always know exactly how to participate. In addition, they can complete and schedule posts to publish directly inside the platform.

GaggleAMP also tracks employee engagement, making it easy for you to reward highly engaged employees and attach a clear ROI to your efforts.

Below we’ll give you a brief walkthrough of the platform and then discuss in more detail how you can implement an effective social recruiting strategy using GaggleAMP.

Step 1: Managers Assign Engagement Activities to Specific Employees (at Scale)

GaggleAMP offers a variety of pre-determined engagement activities (like, share, comment, etc.) for various social media platforms (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.).

GaggleAmp New Activity Dashboard

After selecting an engagement activity, you can customize the card with specific instructions, like speaking points.


Once the card is ready, you can assign it to an individual employee or a group of employees (e.g., executives, the marketing team, etc.).

This makes it easy to ensure that each employee only receives relevant engagement assignments, which reduces noisy messages and improves engagement rates.

Step 2: Employees Complete The Engagement Activity and Set it to Publish

Once the engagement activity is assigned, the employee will receive a notification via email, Slack, or Microsoft Teams that they have an engagement assignment waiting in the Gaggle.

When employees enter their Gaggle, they will see a list of personalized assignments along with any instructions you included on the engagement card.

Organic Social Media Strategy - Things to Do

This way, they know exactly what post they should engage with and how they should engage (like, comment, share, etc.).

While specifying the engagement assignment for employees may seem like a minor task, we’ve found that it can significantly improve engagement rates. That small hurdle of selecting the post and deciding how to engage is often enough friction to cause employees to quit engaging.

Once employees complete the engagement activity, they can schedule it to publish at a future date. This allows employees to complete all their engagement activities in one sitting rather than making time for employee advocacy throughout the week.

Step 3: Managers Track Engagement and Iterate

Finally, GaggleAMP tracks various metrics like:

  • Number of shares
  • Total reach
  • Number of social interactions
  • Number of clicks
  • Most active members
  • EEMV (Employee Earned Media Value)

These metrics mean you can finally attach an ROI to your employee advocacy efforts. This makes it easier to justify employee advocacy to management, and you can also prove to employees that their efforts impact the bottom line.  

To further encourage employee engagement, GaggleAMP also offers a public leaderboard. When employees complete engagement activities, they earn points for their engagement actions, and the leaderboard ranks each employee by point total.

This way, you can reward actively engaged employees, and the friendly competition makes it more fun.

GaggleAMP Rewards Example Image

To see for yourself if GaggleAMP is the right tool for your social media recruiting efforts, schedule a demo or try it out for free today!

How to Use GaggleAMP For Social Recruiting

Once managers start using GaggleAMP, their next question is what content they should assign to employees to attract top talent. We have an entire guide on creating a social media recruiting strategy, though there are two main methods we recommend for social recruiting:

  1. Ask employees to engage with company and colleague posts

  2. Ask employees to create their own posts for open positions

The first may seem rather obvious – when you publish a social media post on the company page, you can assign it to relevant employees and ask them to engage with it.

For example, if you have a job opening on the marketing team, you might publish a social media post on the company page promoting it. To further amplify reach, you can then assign an engagement activity to the marketing team to interact with it.

However, we recommend that you also create and promote company culture and other non-recruiting related posts to build the company’s social media presence and make people excited to work with your team.

Here’s a great example of a culture post from Databox.

Social Media Recruiting Tools - Great example of a culture post from Databox

The second method is to assign a Question activity for employees to create their own social media posts promoting the brand (rather than engaging with a post on the company page). People tend to engage more with posts created by other people than posts created by brands, so use this to your advantage and give your employees some speaking points to write their own posts promoting company jobs.

Social Media Recruiting Tools - 24 Question activity on LinkedIn

This strategy is particularly effective because most top candidates scroll right past company job posts, but they might pause and read if a friend from their professional network writes a compelling post about an amazing job opportunity.

So as you’re assigning the Question card, consider giving them a few speaking points, like:

  • What are three things you love most about working here?
  • How has working with this team helped you grow professionally?
  • How would you describe the culture here?

Here’s an excellent example of a post like this:


GaggleAMP’s pricing starts at $300 per month and offers plans for as few as 25 employees.

To see for yourself if GaggleAMP is a good fit for your needs, schedule a demo or try it out for free!

2.) LinkedIn Recruiter

Social Media Recruiting Tools - LinkedIn Recruiter

LinkedIn Recruiter is another popular social media recruiting tool designed to help you identify and reach out to potential candidates.

To get started, you can create a new project and fill out the job description and details.

Once the job is ready, LinkedIn Recruiter enables you to actively source candidates rather than waiting for applications to come to you. You can filter the search by job title, location, skills and assessments, and more. LinkedIn Recruiter also offers more advanced spotlight filters like “open to work” and “more likely to respond.”

Now that you have a list of potential candidates, you can send bulk messages to various candidates and include personalization fields like the candidate’s name so that the outreach process isn’t as time-consuming.

LinkedIn’s recruitment platform also has an analytics dashboard to see which outreach messages are most effective and which ones could be improved.

Finally, you can also add other key hiring managers to the project so that everyone can see the candidate’s LinkedIn profiles and evaluate them together.


LinkedIn Recruiter’s pricing starts at $170 per month.

3.) Improver

Social Media Recruiting Tools - Improver

If you're sourcing candidates on LinkedIn and doing your own email outreach, you can use Improver to find candidates' email addresses directly from LinkedIn. It's a simple Chrome extension that shows the contact information of any candidate's LinkedIn profile.

Here are the three major features Improver advertises:

  • API Access: This makes it possible to pull data from a CRM or app
  • Bulk Enrichment: It can enrich data with personal email addresses
  • ATS/CRM Refreshment: Update critical information in your system like job title, company, CV, and more

A key differentiator that it highlights is that it provides verified emails rather than guessed emails, and it also claims to be one of the most cost-effective email finders on the market.


Improver offers three free credits per month and then starts at $15 per month (billed annually) for 50 credits.

4.) AmazingHiring

Social Media Recruiting Tools - AmazingHiring

Plenty of recruiters use LinkedIn to find new hires, but many other platforms also have excellent candidates and are less crowded. Therefore, AmazingHiring exists to scan various social media platforms and give you a larger talent pool.

It uses AI to scan more than 50 different open sources online and create a list of potential job candidates. AmazingHiring also pulls information from around the web to populate a profile of each candidate with details like achievements, skills, schools, certifications, and more.

Each profile also has contact info for each person, enabling you to send personalized bulk emails, schedule follow-up emails, and even track engagement metrics.

AmazingHiring also has a Chrome extension that lets you click on a candidate's profile and instantly view their social media profiles.


Unfortunately, AmazingHiring does not offer any pricing information.

5.) Skillfuel

Social Media Recruiting Tools - Skillfuel

Skillfuel is a talent acquisition and recruiting software that makes it easy to manage the entire recruiting process from one platform.

Here are the core features of the platform:

  • Applicant Tracking System: Add applicants and filter by job title, status, and other keywords
  • Employee Referral Tracking: Send messages to employees at scale and track referred candidates
  • Interview Scheduler: Schedule calls directly inside the Skillfuel platform
  • Job Portal Development: Create your own branded job portal for applicants to offer an excellent first impression
  • Social Media Recruiting: Automate job posts across social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn

While the entire platform makes it easy to manage the hiring process, the social media recruiting feature lets you create a job post and then schedule it to publish across various social media platforms.

Skillfuel also offers a mobile app to make it easier to stay up-to-date on the go.

It offers solutions for both SMBs and enterprise companies.


Skillfuel offers a free plan that includes a job portal and three active job posts. Its first paid plan starts at $49 per month and offers ten job listings and other features like employee referrals and social media automation.

6.) Buffer

Social Media Recruiting Tools - Buffer

Buffer is a social media tool that makes it easy to build your employer brand presence. While it doesn't offer any recruiting-specific features, you can use it to schedule social media posts in advance so that you're always publishing consistently and therefore growing the brand's social media presence.

For example, you can create culture posts, company updates, and other announcements that would make the best candidates want to work for your company.

Buffer also offers an analytics section that shows which posts perform the best so that you can repost and repurpose top-performing posts or recycle formats and topics. You can also use the engagement feature to respond to commenters directly inside the dashboard.

Buffer works with Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok, and Pinterest.


Buffer offers a free plan with basic publishing tools, though its first paid plan starts at $5 per month per channel.


Social Media Recruiting Tools -

Repurposing your content is one of the best ways to easily grow your social media presence and organically attract top talent without spending an exorbitant amount of time creating high-quality content.

So if an executive on your team did a podcast or recorded a video, you can use to chop it up into shorter social media clips and add captions to optimize it for social media. also enables you to schedule posts to publish at a future date across a variety of different social media platforms including YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.

Note that this tool is primarily for video content and won’t work well for repurposing text-based content.

Pricing offers different plans for podcasters, content marketers, and agencies. The cheapest plan is the podcasters plan at $15 per month.

8.) HireRabbit

Social Media Recruiting Tools - HireRabbit

HireRabbit is designed specifically for small businesses that want to connect with passive candidates (especially those on Facebook).

Here are the core features it offers:

  • Facebook Job Site
  • Mobile Job Site
  • Facebook Branding Site
  • Social Job Distribution
  • Analytics
  • Twitter Recruiting
  • ATS Integrations

Using HireRabbit, you can create a job post once, and it will distribute the job post across different social media channels.


Pricing starts at $69 per month for the basic plan which includes five active jobs.

Selecting The Right Social Media Recruiting Tools

There are plenty of different social media recruiting tools, though many of them focus on making it easier to actively reach out to candidates. While outreach can help you find great candidates, we prefer flipping the script and using an inbound approach to attract quality candidates.

Given that people log into their social media accounts to interact with other people, we believe that the best way to attract great candidates is to leverage your current employees and let them do the recruiting for you.

To ensure the right employees share the right message at the right time, we built GaggleAMP. To see for yourself how it can make it help you attract top talent, schedule a demo or get started for free today!

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