How TransUnion Approaches Employee Advocacy

How TransUnion Approaches Employee Advocacy

When your company has over 5,000 employees, like TransUnion, making sure they represent your brand accurately on social media can seem like a bit of a challenge.

As with any enterprise initiative, many stakeholders need to be involved and a variety of questions arise as you start empower your employees to become more active on social.

  • What group do we start with?
  • Who will we expand this to next?
  • What content do we provide them with?

In this previously recorded webinar, Kristen O’Neill, former Corporate Social Media Manager for TransUnion details how she launched a successful employee advocacy program and shares her plans to expand it.

In this webinar you'll learn:

  • How to identify who to recruit
  • Methods for scaling the on-boarding process
  • Deciding when and how to expand the program
  • Reporting on metrics beyond impressions and clicks

Our speaker, Kristen O’Neill, leads social media for the B2B side of TransUnion including employee advocacy, global governance, and employee training programs. Prior to TransUnion, she was at a healthcare technology company where she led digital marketing including the launch and management of their marketing automation tool.

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