Positioning Your Employee Advocacy Program for Maximum Impact

Positioning Your Employee Advocacy Program for Maximum Impact

You are positioning employee advocacy all wrong. Almost everyone does. We set out challenges, and tell employees how much they help the company when they amplify our messages. Yet research and practical experience tell us this only inspires a fraction of our employees to share. What if I told you there is a more effective approach? In this webinar, we discuss how to position your employee advocacy program for long-term sustainable growth.

What You'll Learn In This Webinar:

  • Why employees don't share
  • What motivates employees to change their advocacy habits
  • How to leverage personal brand objectives to power your advocacy goals

our speaker, Samantha Stone, author of “Unleash Possible: A Marketing Playbook that Drives Sales” and The Employee Advocacy Impact Study is a revenue catalyst who helps unleash the possible in organizations that have complex selling processes. She’s a fast-growth, marketing strategist, researcher, consultant and persona coach who has also raised four children with her husband, David. Throughout her career she has led marketing strategies for award-winning, high-growth companies. In 2012 she founded The Marketing Advisory Network to help savvy business leaders find new possibilities for enterprises.

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