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Making Honest B2B Endorsements through Social PR

Posted on 05/09/2013
Brad Yeater

Judy Gombita, (Social) Public Relations and Communication Management Specialist recently wrote a 2 part story for CommPro on leveraging B2B endorsements through social media. The story is full of examples and tips and is worth a read.

Gombita was exposed to GaggleAMP as a Member of the Windmill Networking Gaggle and included us as a way to accomplish endorsement goals in it she shares an interview she had with GaggleAMP president, Glenn Gaudet who discussed how the application of the solution has expanded beyond the original vision:

The company’s original vision was to be able to leverage knowledge workers within a company—given that most have at least one social media account and a high affinity for the company and/or its brand. “After we released GaggleAMP publicly, we quickly realized the value of it for use in other stakeholder groups, including partners, resellers, customers and remote entities such as stores or chapters.”

Gombita also points out that,

The best GaggleAMP usage strikes a balance between corporate and personal-choice messaging on the same account.

We agree.

You can read the full story here:

Topics: B2B, CommPro, GaggleAMP, Judy Gombita, Social Media Endorsements