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Leveraging Word of Mouth to Drive Your Most Authentic Conversations

Before the days of radio and TV, where marketing could reach volumes at one time, there was a practice called word of mouth marketing that seems to have fallen behind. Broadcast advertising charged the world by storm, creating a generation that eventually was so used to broadcast advertising they tuned it out. And like a vintage road sign, word of mouth suddenly became cool again, positioning Ted Wright and his word of mouth agency, Fizz, top of mind. 

In this episode, Ted discusses the differences between working with a real advocate versus an influencer. Take a bike and a motorcycle - both have two wheels, a seat, and handlebars. To someone who has never seen either, they share marked similarities. But what if you took the wrong one onto the highway? Now you’ve got yourself in a pickle.

In this episode of AMP Up Your Digital Marketing, you’ll learn from Ted:

  • How the practice of word of mouth communication dates back even before the earliest religions. 
  • The difference between influencers and broadcasters and why it matters.
  • How Oprah was the queen of word of mouth marketing.
  • You will have more success with digital marketing if you do not forget the word of mouth conversation that is taking place at the same time.

With this insight, you’ll further understand how relevance, authenticity, and being interesting drive the strongest conversations. Deeply understanding the differences, and the conversations already taking place in your market, can help your brand continue a conversation offline.


Ted is the CEO of the global marketing company Fizz, an agency solely focused on word of mouth advertising. 

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Ramin Edmond

Ramin Edmond

Ramin Edmond is the former Content Strategist for GaggleAMP. Outside of work, Ramin likes to run, hike, and take pictures of Boston's best views. You can get in touch with Ramin by connecting with him on LinkedIn.

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