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Engaging Employees through Effective Internal Communications

Posted on 07/04/2017

Workplace communication is a world in the midst of an evolution. Email tends to form the backbone of many corporate communication strategies, but as the volume of electronic mail increases, this approach to information transmission becomes vastly inefficient, and ineffective. 

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Topics: Employee Engagement, internal communications, internal marketing

How to Drive Digital Engagement on Social Media

Posted on 06/20/2017

While statements about our shrinking attention spans have turned out to be a myth, attention still remains the most valuable (and scarce) resource on the Internet. The relentless drive of technology is changing how we consume information online, and in the world of social media, competition for attention is fierce. It is becoming harder to be heard above the crowd.

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Topics: Marketing, Social Media Engagement, social media marketing

Utilizing Social Media in Account-Based Marketing

Posted on 06/13/2017

For enterprise-level organizations (and savvy smaller ones), a popular emerging marketing trend is account-based marketing. In the simplest fashion, practitioners of account-based marketing treat individual accounts as a market of one—essentially, you work with your prospects and leads on a personalized basis. This might seem like additional work, but it is far easier than you might think—thanks to your fully-stocked marketing toolbox.

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Topics: Marketing, social media marketing, account-based marketing

FTC Compliance and Social Media

Posted on 05/30/2017

As with many new technological developments, social media was a largely unregulated “wild-west” for marketing purposes for many years. However, the last few years have seen regulatory bodies such as the FTC step in to add some rules in how you can conduct your social media marketing. This has led to some unnecessary anxiety among many marketers when it comes to the topic of social media compliance.

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Topics: compliance, Marketing, regulated industries, social media marketing

Key Performance Indicators: Digital Marketing Strategy Realized

Posted on 05/23/2017

Your digital marketing strategy begins by identifying your goals, especially as it relates to the inclusion of your employees in the execution of your mission. The purpose of employee advocacy for your company remains central to the development of both the “how” and the “what” of your strategic marketing plan.

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Topics: Digital Marketing, Marketing

5 Advantages of Employee Advocacy Programs for Staffing Firms

Posted on 05/16/2017

The relationship between social media and recruiting might have had a bit of a rocky start, but it is certainly moving along well now. Social media is influencing HR – not just when it comes to policies and procedures, but also with regard to finding the right candidate for a position.

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Topics: Employee Advocacy, recruiting, Social Media, social recruiting, staffing

Two Layers of Success in Digital Marketing

Posted on 05/02/2017

As a marketing expert, the digital marketing plans you create carry with them a goal of success. That is a given, no matter your ultimate purpose of the marketing action. To achieve your goals, it's important to lay out a plan with key areas of measurement clearly defined, recognizing the distinctive types of results that different stakeholders have in mind.

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Topics: Employee Advocacy, Marketing, Strategy

The Keys to Making Social Media Amplification Work

Posted on 04/25/2017

Social network ad spending is on the rise around the world, but money alone does not buy consumer loyalty, it just buys a moment of attention. And even if your budget increases, your competition can increase their budget as well. So how do you get ahead? The solution is unpaid (organic) social media.

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Topics: Employee Advocacy, Marketing, Social Media Amplification, social media marketing

Evaluating Your Company’s Readiness for Employee Advocacy

Posted on 04/18/2017

Employees are a valuable part of your company and their role as advocates can be just as beneficial. Though, deciding whether or not it is time to engage your employees in your marketing strategies is at the heart of your evaluation.

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Topics: Employee Advocacy, Marketing, Strategy

The Difference Between Employee Advocacy and Employee Engagement

Posted on 04/11/2017

Getting your employees to share your content on social media can be a challenging endeavour, but the effort is well worth it. The chance to amplify the content your organization produces is an opportunity not to be missed, but to succeed with any program like this, you need to understand one simple equation:

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Topics: Employee Advocacy, Employee Engagement, Marketing, Social Media Amplification