Let Employee Advocacy Fuel Your School Pride

Let Employee Advocacy Fuel Your School Pride

Every college and university, no matter the size, has initiatives it wants to promote, goals it wants to reach, and students, staff, and alumni who take pride in their school.

Picture what could happen if you combine these goals and initiatives with those who love what your school is all about. By promoting your school on social media, communicating to your staff, alumni, and students what specifically to promote and how to do it, you can expand your social reach and surpass your goals.

This is what employee advocacy - or student advocacy - can do to help spread your social media reach about the campus experience at your school.

If you want to promote an upcoming campus fundraiser, you can have your advocates share your content about the event, whether it’s a blog post, video, or something else. If students post on social media about the great experience they had at a job fair or the fun time they had at their school’s football game, you can easily ask others to engage with this post to promote it and expand its reach.

An advocacy program at your university or college can help promote events, recruit both students and professors, connect applying students with student ambassadors, and more.

Let’s get into how that works.

Promote Events and Achievements

Promoting upcoming events is easy to do through social media when you have an advocacy program in place.

Your organization’s messaging has 561% further reach when shared by your advocates versus your brand’s accounts. This should come as no surprise.

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Let’s say you have an alumni weekend coming up and want to get the word out. You can ask the alumni who have volunteered to be part of your advocacy program to promote your posts about the event since many of their followers are fellow alumni who could be interested in attending. You can also ask staff members and students to share highlights of past alumni weekends, and note that the next one is coming up.

This same tactic works for promoting school achievements. A huge number of your students, staff, and alumni are proud of their school so they’re willing to share any news about it or any of its milestones. You just need to let them know what they are.

For example, if your college or university made a top 100 list of the best schools in the country, or a top ten list for a specific major, of course, your advocates will be proud of this and want to help you promote it. If your school recently released a groundbreaking study or research report and was featured in a news story, your advocates will be happy to promote all of these because they take pride in their school.

This also works for upcoming sporting events, fundraisers, career fairs, and any other events or achievements you want to share. Having a formal advocacy program and tool helps you leverage the school pride your students, alumni, and faculty all have.

Recruit Students and Staff

Today, your digital representation has never been more important for making an impression on prospective applicants.

Before prospective students submit an application, they’re going to look through your social media presence and see what people have to say about you, and what you have to offer. They’ll try to get a sense of what campus life is like, what the classrooms are like, and try to picture themselves in the atmosphere you offer.  

Job applicants will look through your digital and social presence as well to make the determination of whether or not they want to work at your school. One of the best ways to do that outside of your own feed is to have existing students, faculty, and alumni post about your school, share images and videos from your campus and promote what they like best about your college or university.

People trust other people more than they trust your brand’s account, so having your professors post about how they love teaching at your school, and students posting about how they love attending, will be more convincing to applicants than anything else you could do.

Promote Student Ambassadors

Your advocacy program is a great way to promote your student ambassador program and connect it with prospective students.

Student ambassadors are current students who represent your school, give campus tours, and tell people from outside of the university what your school is all about. They can describe what they like about the school, what it’s like on campus, and what prospects can look forward to if they choose to attend.

By helping increase the visibility of your student ambassadors on social media, you can help them connect with applicants. Let applicants know that they can learn more about your university by reaching out to your ambassador program handle, or sharing the social media handles of specific ambassadors of your school.

By implementing an employee/student/alumni advocacy program at your university, you can drastically improve your digital presence, more effectively promote the achievements of your school and attract more prospective students and professors.

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Ramin Edmond

Ramin Edmond

Ramin Edmond is the former Content Strategist for GaggleAMP. Outside of work, Ramin likes to run, hike, and take pictures of Boston's best views. You can get in touch with Ramin by connecting with him on LinkedIn.

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