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Social Media Infographics

5 Statistics About Employee Advocacy [Infographic]

Posted on 03/17/2016
Bradley Yeater

Are you producing content on your own, sharing it through social media channels and still not achieving the results you’d like? Your answer to social media success is right in front of you or a cubicle away. Employees are an overlooked marketing resource. It’s time to start leveraging your employees to boost your social media success. See the infographic below.



Employee sharing humanizes the company and improves trust

Roughly 15% of U.S. social media users trust posts by companies or brands on social networking sites. Even further, your customers trust “a per­son like your­self” or a “reg­u­lar employee” more than a company’s CEO.

Social reach increases exponentially through employee sharing

The collective reach of your employees’ posts far surpasses the reach of your company. Just 60 employees can increase your companies reach by 1,000%

 Employee posts are treated differently than company posts

 The increase in the amount of content and filtering have limited the reach of company posts. Thus employees have farther reach than that of company posts.

A share is more valuable than 100 followers

GaggleAMP’s research shows that getting just one person to share your message results in far more click-through activity than if your company were to add another 100 followers.

Social post lifespan increases

On average 73.8% of the potential engagement on a social media post happens in the first hour. When your employees are leveraged to share posts, the engagement lifespan is extended by 4,200% thanks to your employees sharing over time.Getting Started With Employee Advocacy

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