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Social Media Infographics

5 Objections to Employee Advocacy [Infographic]

Posted on 03/18/2016
Stephanie Hacker

Over the last few years, GaggleAMP has provided companies with the ability to boost their marketing efforts exponentially utilizing their majorly untapped resources, their employees.Yet there are still people out there that believe that their employees are anything but the right people to be promoting their content. In the infographic below, we share five common objections we hear on a regular basis to employee advocacy.


1. Employees don't WANT to share our company content. Most of them don't even use social media personally. 

Wrong wrong wrong. Research shows that 98% of employees use at least one social media site for personal use - of which 50% are already posting about their company.

2. Our company accounts have enough Twitter Followers to cover our target audience.
Did you know 92% of your employees' Twitter followers are new to your brand?  Time to start tapping into that audience. Learn more about the value of a tweet here.

3. Our social posts do great already.  People engage with us all the time!
Sure, we'll give you that.  But did you know that Content shared by employees receive 8 times more engagement than content shared by branded social channels?  You can't deny the value of more engagement.

4. It will look spammy to have all of our employees share the same message on social media.
We'll give you that.  You don't want to spam your employees audience.  But did you know that on average only 13.6% of their Twitter followers and 8.5% of their LinkedIn connections in common.

5. My employees have better things to do at work than post on social media.
Don't we all?  Even social media professionals have better things to merely post on social media.  Ideally, each post is tailored around a campaign.  And the further that campaign reaches, the more potential success.  So, in the end, do your employees have better things to do than post on social media that will bring success to your business?  Also, GaggleAMP has several ways to make it simple and quick to share social posts in little to no time per week.  Do your employees know how to share your content on social?

We'll end on a few fun facts

Make it super easy for your employees to be active on social - it's good for business.

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