Since 2010, we have been talking about the value of tapping into the power of having stakeholders to share social media content. We talk about this as a way to amplify the reach of your content.  Just posting on any given social account is not enough. The power of amplification comes from sharing. Every company has stakeholders… employees, partners and customers are just a few.

Jon Steinberg, president of BuzzFeed and Jack Krawczyk, senior marketing manager at StumbleUpon did a great story in AdAge that looked at viral patterns from sharing over large sample sizes. The results were clear. According to Steinberg and Kawczyk:

Our data show that online sharing, even at viral scale, takes place through many small groups, not via the single status post or tweet of a few influencers. While influential people may be able to reach a wide audience, their impact is short-lived. Content goes viral when it spreads beyond a particular sphere of influence and spreads across the social web via ordinarily people sharing with their friends.
Our data also supports this. We see far more impact when a message gets more shares than by getting followers to any given social account. Keep this in mind when you are developing your own strategy. It is not about getting the message out on the corporate social accounts, it is about getting your stakeholders to share it to their friends and followers.


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