An effective social media marketing strategy relies heavily on exploring and taking advantage of new technologies and resources. GaggleAMP is constantly updating and adding features to make sure that we are providing all the tools you need to maintain a successful social media strategy. Here are some of the latest actions GaggleAMP has available:


LinkedIn Influencer: GaggleAMP already offers plenty of features that allow you to take advantage of LinkedIn’s network, however because of LinkedIn’s network potential, it’s important that we continue to offer more tools that allow users to do so more efficiently. The LinkedIn Influencer feature allows you to ask your Gaggle to follow a specific user on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Group: LinkedIn Groups are a great way to further expand your network on LinkedIn, as well as interact and share thoughts with other individuals in similar fields or with similar interests. GaggleAMP has created an action that allows you to ask your Gaggle to join a specific LinkedIn Group.

Slideshare Like: Slideshare presentations and graphics have become increasingly popular, as they are an easy and useful way to share information. Since Slideshare is a more recent resource, GaggleAMP is working hard to introduce features that allow users to better utilize the platform. GaggleAMP’s new Slideshare Like tool allows you to ask your Gaggle to like a Slideshare presentation or graphic.

Slideshare Comment:  Slideshare is the perfect tool for commenting on a Slideshare presentation or graphic. Want to get some comments on a specific presentation or graphic? Ask your Gaggle for support!

As social media continues to grow and change, so does GaggleAMP! Keep in mind, that GaggleAMP offers a feedback option that allows users to provide comments and feedback on tools and resources, as well as requests for new actions. Let us know what you think!

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