As a marketing expert, the digital marketing plans you create carry with them a goal of success. That is a given, no matter your ultimate purpose of the marketing action. To achieve your goals, it's important to lay out a plan with key areas of measurement clearly defined, recognizing the distinctive types of results that different stakeholders have in mind.

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In fact, there are two vital levels of success that marketing professionals should take into consideration: 

  1. What are you, as a marketing professional, being measured on through the action?
  2. What are your executives and your managers being measured on through the action?

Aligning these two layers is essential to holistically defining your results, which at one moment evaluates for one outcome with two organization components, as noted above. Without this alignment, you simply won’t have the support you need to have to achieve the success you seek. As you define your plan, talk to the executives and the managers you work with and ensure that all levels of success are strived for.

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