We recently discussed the importance of employee social sharing as an indicator to employee happiness. Indeed, happier employees tend to want to promote their company and ‘spread the good news’, so to speak. But when there’s a lack of engagement and a lack of social sharing by your employees in general, there may be more at work than simply unhappiness. When you step back to analyze the reasons why your employees aren’t active on social media, it may boil down to the capabilities of your employees and whether or not they even know HOW to share your content in the first place.

Your employees may actually want to share your content, but the fact of the matter is that many times they’re left to their own devices or - worse yet - pestered into sharing social content all too often, resulting in social burnout. Let’s tackle the former issue though that delves into whether or not your employees have the knowledge that allows them to share social content effectively in the first place.

The factor that ties all of these successes together is that each of these companies utilize a third party content management service: GaggleAMP. In conjunction, these companies also place emphasis on fostering employee advocacy, helping to train their employees in methods that garner more social engagement with their networks. Similarly, these companies put in the effort and time to create engaging content, making it easier for their employees to share content across their networks without feeling like it’s a chore.

Taking time for reflection to gauge whether or not your employees are sharing your content effectively can help your company delve into deeper issues such as employee happiness. But sometimes it’s a matter of addressing some of the simpler steps such as giving employees the proper tools to set them up for social media success.

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