GA HappinessEmployee happiness can be hard to gauge without concrete evidence (employees forfeiting their job, for instance). Many managers turn to cues in order to understand the happiness of their employees, and there are many indicators within the field of marketing and social media alone that can help you gain a better understanding of the morale within your company. To understand whether or not your employees are happy, ask yourself: Are your employees sharing your content?


This indicator is one where you’re gauging happiness based on what employees do - and not necessarily what they say. An employee may An employee may readily tell you how happy they are in their position, but if they aren’t necessarily reflecting that happiness in their efforts in, say, marketing and social media by sharing your content and spreading the good news, then there may be a disconnect.

As a manager gauging employee happiness based on this cue alone, your first task is to take stock of where you are. Happy employees tend to share good news, so take a look and see how often your content was shared and by whom. How many people actually shared your last press release on their own accord? Do the same employees tend to share content more than others? Is there a difference between employees who share your content more often and those who don’t?

Once you have a firm grasp on which employees are the most active and proactive on social media, then you can further delve into the causation behind the differences. It’s likely that you’ll find that truly happy employees tend to share your content the most often and most regularly. Or, if there seems to be no true pattern to the madness, then you may need to consider other reasons for the lack of content sharing.

Employee happiness can affect one’s activity as a professional member of your company on social media. Review your analytics to gauge happiness based on social media activities, and then you can move forward towards pinpointing the cause of the disconnect. Is it a matter of happiness - or something else entirely? Employee social sharing is a good indicator of happiness, but the fault may lie in other roots as well, such as confusion or poor training. Gauging happiness is a time of reflection for you, your company, and your employees.

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