Real Estate Agents Build Their Personal Brands With Employee Advocacy

Real Estate Agents Build Their Personal Brands With Employee Advocacy

For real estate agents to be successful, they need to build up their personal brands through social media marketing and employee advocacy.

As a real estate agency, you can create digital touchpoints for clients and prospects by sharing content relevant to your industry. This allows your agents to offer value to prospects and boost their credibility. By sharing helpful information for those looking to buy or sell property, your agents can offer value to prospects through your employee advocacy program. This helps agents build their personal brands by presenting themselves as knowledgeable and credible to their target audience. Your social media marketing team can curate content for your agents with editable captions, and suggest different ways to engage with target accounts.

Your real estate company should want your agents to grow their personal brands in order to drive more business for both the agents and the company. Social media is a great opportunity to do this by sharing knowledge and insights, and helping agents become influencers in the real estate industry, or at least their local real estate market.

As an agent, employee advocacy is completely voluntary, and nothing your organization asks them to post or promote is required. However, agents should want to take part in many of the activities to build up their social presence. By posting content on common trends and challenges they see in the market, it gives value to people looking to buy or sell the property by helping them stay informed and solve problems they’re facing.

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Create and promote content

Written content such as blogs and eBooks are great, but you should diversify your content strategy with images and videos too. You can have real estate agents share charts to illustrate trends in their market, images of properties, and videos can be very effective as well.

For example, a seller’s agent that wants to promote an upcoming showing can post a quick video walkthrough of the property on social media, and include a caption that details when the showing will take place, along with the address and contact information. This works with houses, condominiums, apartments, offices, and more. Through your employee advocacy program, you can broaden the reach of who sees the video walkthrough on social media, spreading awareness and increasing the number of attendees at the showing.

It’s also a good idea for all agents to ask clients to record quick testimonial videos with them after they close a sale. When an agent posts these videos on social media, it shows prospective clients that people are happy with their work, and they can help them with their purchase or sale too.

Real estate agencies should leverage the knowledge of their agents in their content and promote it through their employee advocacy program. This is another way to help build up their personal brands and their credibility. Whether it’s a video or blog, featuring agents in Q&As on trends and challenges for real estate buyers and sellers is a simple way to make valuable content for prospects while promoting an agent’s insights.  

Finding prospects

These are ways to draw in customers, but social media marketing is a great way for agents to go out and find new clients by joining conversations about real estate. If people ask questions about real estate in an agent's local market, agents can find those tweets or posts and respond to them.

Many home buyers and sellers use social media to do research, learn more about the process and find their agents. Agents need to make their social media presence strong enough to leave an impression on this audience because prospects will always look at an agent’s digital presence before getting in touch with them. By sharing content, and engaging in conversations about real estate, agents can have an impact on prospects either directly or indirectly.

Employee advocacy is a powerful method for any organization of any size in any industry to boost its social media presence, but in real estate, an employee advocacy program’s success directly benefits the advocates even more so. By broadening their reach, curating content for them, and suggesting accounts for them to engage with, real estate agents have a great opportunity to build their personal brands with employee advocacy.

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