Employee Advocacy and the Social Business of Tomorrow

Employee Advocacy and the Social Business of Tomorrow

Employee advocacy gives your company a chance to touch users that may have no immediate connection to your company. At GaggleAMP, our goal is to help extend your reach by utilizing these employee advocates in a way that promotes your business and increases your social influence. While their efforts can have a huge impact on your immediate social media strategy, their success can truly affect your marketing in the social business of tomorrow.

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Social media marketing isn’t simply about today’s results; it’s about showcasing engaging content that impacts users today and influences users to continue to engage tomorrow! Marketing appropriately means that you’re both interested in the immediate success of your posts while promoting further engagement over a long period of time. Employee advocates have the ability to extend the life of your posts or by resurrecting ‘dead’ posts, breathing life back into them to further engage users! While your company may see moderate success on any given post, employee advocates can improve your marketing success by extending its reach and promoting its engagement.

Social selling will be impacted as well when social media marketing sees success. Again, employee advocates play a critical role! While these advocates may improve your marketing strategy, the real purpose of any social media effort is it’s translation to sales in the end. Employees tend to gain more traction in social media relationships because they’re viewed as more trustworthy. Thus, their social selling will likely see more success than your company’s social selling tactics on their own. And when employees win, so does the company.

Social media isn’t all about sales; it can also be used for talent pool development! Employees tend to connect with users who align with their personal interest as they’re making a more personal connection. They have the ability to tap into users who are similar to them, and successful employee advocates are thus a great resource for recruiting new hires. You’re likely to find more appropriate talent for your business.

Every employee has the ability to become an advocate, and advocates have the ability to influence sales and success. Turning your employees into influencers is easier when an employee already advocates for your company. Your job is to hone in on their best features while tapering their goals based on your policies and procedures. Then, those influencers can draw more users to your business and your brand! It’s a timeline of influential engagements on social media that can exponentially stretch well beyond the immediate future.

Employee advocacy is more than an immediate social media marketing solution. With the ability to influence your social media marketing, social selling, recruiting, and influential impacts, your employee advocates are an integral part to the social business of tomorrow!

Stephanie Hacker

Stephanie Hacker

Stephanie Hacker is the former Content Writer at GaggleAMP.

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