Falk Rehkopf recently shared a post on the Cision blog offering five different approaches to growing your blog traffic. In his post, he shows you how to attract a larger group of fans, followers and website visitors. Falk mentions GaggleAMP as a tool that can help you achieve the goal of more blog traffic from social media. According to Falk:

"Cision is now working for some time and in different locations with GaggleAMP . In a very simple way, this tool allows the sharing of content in many different social networks. So there is a 'gaggle' (the term refers to a group) from many different Cision employees who with their Twitter, Facebook, Google + - have joined Pinterest- and LinkedIn accounts with the GaggleAMP platform. The Cision Social Media Team then provides relevant content this Gaggle to other parts in all these networks are available - all with a single click!"

You can read the rest of the article here. Make sure to use Google translate. This one is in German.