In our most recent GaggleAMP webinar, Matt Heinz, owner of Heinz Marketing, and Glenn Gaudet, owner and president of GaggleAMP, discussed how to get your sales leadership to buy into your content marketing strategies. Without the support of a sales team, a marketing team will not be very effective. So as a marketer it is your job to convince the sales leadership to jump on board before anyone else. Here are four ways to help that process:



4 Ways to Get Sales Leadership to Buy in Using Your Content

  • Do the Math (quantify what success looks like) 
    In the last blog we spoke about the benefits of marketing and sales working together. Figure out exactly how beneficial it can be and put it in numbers for the managers to see. Writing it down will make it easier for them to visualize and easier for you to work towards your goal. “If you don’t understand what success looks like, you haven’t done the math as a marketing and sales team together. Understand what deals got closed, what the sales numbers were, and how many qualified leads you need to be passing after sales,” Matt commented.

  • Create a Clear Customer Profile
    Know who you are working with. Each individual customer has different problems, different values and different goals that they bring to you. It is your job to figure out what approach to take to get the most out of a transaction on both ends. Understanding this along with the buyer progression will help you gain trust with the sales leadership.

  • Map sales and buyer progression
    Keeping track of how sales went in the past and keeping a visual of the buyer progression makes sales evolve faster. A sales associate could have trouble closing sales for months and would never know what he or she was doing wrong; however, with information from past sales, you can discover and solve the problem quickly.

  • Trial and Error
    One of the most challenging parts of getting the sales leadership to buy in is getting them to stick around during the trial and error process of any marketing initiative. Both sides need to understand their responsibilities and their goals. Focusing on these goals rather than the errors makes it easier for the sales leadership to feel comfortable moving forward instead of giving up and reverting to earlier sales methods.

Remember these tips to help you get sales leadership on your side. Help them visualize their success and gain your trust!

Watch the video below for more information about the best practices to get sales to use your content, including 8 keys to successful collaboration!

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