David Smooke shared a post on Medium that named GaggleAMP to his list of four high growth marketing technologies for content production, landing pages creation, employee advocacy, and flipping the entire marketing funnel. Ben mentioned GaggleAMP as one of the third-party tools that not only helps you gauge how active your employees are, but create a painless, user friendly way for them to contribute.

Davis says:

"GaggleAMP gamifies the employees sharing company sponsored content via their social media channels. It’s a great way to increase social shares, traffic and it has the side benefit of increasing employee retention. Back at SuccessFactors, Dre recalled a meeting where the CEO Lars Dalgaard, at an all hands on deck meeting said, said something to the tune of, “Why does our announcement have only 3 Retweets— I have 300 people in this room! — I should have more than 3 Retweets!” You don’t need an all hands on deck meeting to get more than 3 ReTweets from your colleagues."

You can read the rest of the article here.