Highlighting Successful Employee Advocacy Examples: Jeanne Hopkins

Highlighting Successful Employee Advocacy Examples: Jeanne Hopkins

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Sometimes when you like something enough, you’ll never let it go.

Jeanne Hopkins was introduced to GaggleAMP in 2010 and was so impressed that she still uses it today. The CMO of Lola.com has brought the product with her to five different companies over 9 years. Her story is one of the many successful employee advocacy examples we hear today.

Jeanne views employee advocacy with GaggleAMP as a great way to amplify messages by leveraging employees who are active on social media. She also sees it as a way to get alignment across departments, including Marketing and Sales, and as a way to get employees who aren’t social media savvy more comfortable.

“When I heard about this tool, I said, ‘Wow, this is great! That's what we should be doing,’” Jeanne said.

Over the last nine years, she’s brought GaggleAMP to companies of all sizes and industries, including HubSpot, SmartBear Software, Continuum Managed IT Services, Ipswitch, Inc. and now Lola.com.

In this Q&A, Jeanne walks us through her experience with GaggleAMP, how she’s seen it help her organizations and what challenges it’s solved.

Q: How did you first hear about GaggleAMP?

Jeanne: I met Glenn [Gaudet, CEO of GaggleAMP] about nine years ago at an event while I was working at HubSpot, and he told me all about the product. The name really stuck with me and so did the idea of amplifying a message. We had a couple hundred employees at the time, and we had a lot of content to share, so it made sense. We brought it in later that year at HubSpot, and that was the first place I started using it. It was really a no brainer.

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Q: What have you liked most about GaggleAMP over the nine years of using it?

Jeanne: It's an easy to use tool, and it makes it simpler for people to share messages. Without it, you’ll have the poor Social Media Manager always sending out requests for people to, "please share this, please do this, please do that," and that gets lost in your inbox.

For example, I see a lot of great messages from people in my network, but sometimes they’ll only have a few likes. You want to say, "Oh man! This deserved a heck of a lot more visibility.”

I think that's what GaggleAMP brings. It allows people to participate, no matter how big or small their social media network, to amplify the messaging that you want to promote.

You want employees to participate, and so do they, but they often times are knee deep in other meetings or doing other things.

GaggleAMP takes some of the pain out of sharing and helps your organization achieve social media success within your community, whether that’s customers, employees, or prospects.

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Q: You’ve brought GaggleAMP to five different companies. What challenges do you think it solves? And why do you bring it everywhere you go?

Jeanne: The most difficult one was one of my last companies because at first, they weren’t sharing much on social media in general. Some people, including executives, didn't have accounts.

I've worked at several companies where people didn't know what to say at first because they use social media for personal posts, but then they realize that it's important to share other content on a business level.

But overall, I feel like GaggleAMP is really good at thinking about employees first as the core of an organization, and that has a huge impact. It helps with recruiting, sharing customer success stories, and more. For example, If you had a good review on G2 Crowd, you're going to want to share it with prospects and your community.

Some people aren’t your customers, but they’re more than willing to share your content, and that gives you an opportunity to be able to amplify the message.

At Lola.com, we have people that are very good at sharing socially so that we're able to do it in a way that truly amplifies the message.

Q: What do you think is the single biggest benefit of a company using GaggleAMP?

Jeanne: If you use GagglAMP right, it should be a way to be able to generate leads for your company. I'm all about generating leads

Typically, the Marketing team is going to buy it, but at Lola.com, it was at the request of Sales because Sales knew how good it was to me. Marketing has a really good alignment with Sales, and what we’re getting right now is a one-two punch on everything that we're doing.

It's making everyone more efficient. It allows us to amplify the message by making it easy for them.

Jeanne looks to further align the Marketing and Sales departments at Lola.com and continue it’s lead generation efforts through the company’s employee advocacy program and GaggleAMP. To learn more about how GaggleAMP works and how it can help your organization, watch a free demo by clicking on the link below.

GaggleAMP Two Minute Demo

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Ramin Edmond

Ramin Edmond is the former Content Strategist for GaggleAMP. Outside of work, Ramin likes to run, hike, and take pictures of Boston's best views. You can get in touch with Ramin by connecting with him on LinkedIn.

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