We recently did some number crunching with a variety of Gaggles and their Twitter follower overlap. We found that the average Gaggle Reach overlap on Twitter was only 8.53%. This is a powerful number. It shows that Gaggles reach mostly different people, even when people are recruited by the same organization.

Here is how we arrived at this number:

  1. We chose Gaggles that had at a Total Twitter Follower count of at least 10,000 people.
  2. The sample size was a combined Twitter follower count of 281,842.
  3. The Gaggles were comprised of a variety of distinct audiences:
    1. Company Employees
    2. Resellers
    3. Non-Profit Donors & Friends
    4. Company Customers/Audience
    5. “Friends of a Company”
  4. Within each Gaggle, we compared the Twitter followers of each member of the Gaggle with the Twitter followers of every other member of the Gaggle. This provided us with the “net reach” or non-overlapping reach of the Gaggle on Twitter.

This kind of analysis is a powerful tool for marketing managers. Imagine a large company with 100,000 employees. Let’s assume that only half of them have a Twitter account. That means 50,000 people will have (based on the Twitter follower average of 126) a gross Twitter reach of 6.3 million people. After reducing the average Twitter overlap percentage that we discussed in this post, we get a total net Twitter reach of over 5.7 million.

For this example, sitting within the employee base alone provides the potential to reach over 5.7 million people for a single message! This kind of reach potential rivals traditional mass media numbers at significantly less cost to implement.