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The Power of Employee Influence

Posted on 10/21/2015

Overlooking the Power of Employee Influence is like Looking Over a Vital Component in your Marketing Strategy

Your employees have the power to influence your customers, your business, and your bottom line. For one to overlook their influence is to make a mistake, indeed. With social media especially, the influence that your employees hold over your company and your leads is crucial, as their appropriate wielding of this power can impact the success - or failure - of your social media strategy and content sharing abilities. Download this eBook to start involving your employees in your social strategy. For better or for worse, your employees have the ability to influence your potential client base and impact your social media marketing efforts.

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Using Video on Social Media

Posted on 02/16/2015

GaggleAMP’s objective is to extend your social reach, and the key to doing so is creating effective content! All content is not created equal; in fact, it’s been found that photos and videos have a much higher efficacy rate than simple text alone. By 2017, video will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic, according to Cisco. In the age of information overload, users are looking for content that is engaging and easy to digest; video content delivers as an inherently shareable method of content marketing.

What you may be wondering is how this translates to you if you’re a smaller company. The notion that video content is out of reach due to financial costs and technical sav is old news. In fact, production costs have fallen in recent years, and with a wide array of free or cheap videography tools, even the least knowledgeable can figure out simple clip creation. Think: Twitter’s Vine! These 6-second maximum clips are a cheap, easy way for businesses to break into the video content world.When we say that videos are inherently shareable, consider the statistics of engaging videos from a 12-figure company like Volkswagen. The success stories of videos that have gone viral are legend. In the recent campaign from Volkswagen, they saw a trio of its videos viewed a combined 155 million times. These viewers also ended up spending more time on their company website, interacting with other content.

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Why Your Social Media Marketing Isn't Working

Posted on 02/02/2015

At GaggleAMP, our goal is to make your social media marketing technique effective and engaging, helping to increase lead generation and extend your reach further into the digital stratosphere of social media! For many, the issue starts before content is ever posted, crippling marketing efforts and hampering the effectiveness of social media strategies for your brand. From too much self-promotion to not enough unique content, there are many pitfalls that can hinder your social media efforts. Here are some of the most common mistakes that damage your efforts and can perhaps explain why your social media marketing isn’t working.

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Social Media Tools to Improve Your Workflow

Posted on 01/22/2015

Brittany Berger is the Digital Content Marketing Supervisor at eZanga, and her expertise in building social media in content marketing is essential as a working tool for those who are constructing an effective social media strategy. While her input on content marketing as a whole is invaluable (check out her GaggleAMP Webinar here), there are several social media tools she recommends for improving workflow. In fact, creating a system that integrates these social media tools can boost your efforts by cutting down on time investments while streamlining the process entirely - all of which are priceless to the busy brand marketer!

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How to Show Your Employees Their Advocacy is Valued

Posted on 12/22/2014

Employee advocates have the ability to catapult your social media marketing strategy and extend your reach exponentially. With the ability to gain trust, retain loyalty, and grow your network, employee advocates are the backbone to any successful social media campaign. At GaggleAMP, we understand that while employees may be more than willing to do the dirty work, they’ll certainly appreciate knowing that their advocacy efforts are valued! Knowing how to demonstrate your appreciation can bolster your relationship with your employees and further support success.

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Social Media Amplification: The Holidays are Coming!

Posted on 11/03/2014

The holidays typically mean more spending, and you could get more bang for your buck when it comes to social marketing. November is here and now is the perfect time to boost your profits by appropriately amplifying posts that are targeted at capturing the spirit of holiday preparation! GaggleAMP helps you to amplify your social media strategy in a way that not only touches more consumers but also capitalizes on the upcoming holidays, boosting your potential for profits all the way up until and through the holiday season!

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How to Increase Social Engagements through Employee Advocacy

Posted on 10/13/2014

Your social media strategy should be a well-planned and executed marketing technique, but the real test comes when the analytics are calculated. Utilizing your employee advocates correctly and providing them with content that is both interactive and engaging may be the key to creating networks that do more than just observe. Here are 4 tips to help you do just that.

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How to Engage Employees to Create Content

Posted on 09/22/2014

Many large companies - maybe even your own - have dipped into the realm of employee engagement in social media. Perhaps you’ve asked staff to share posts, like your page, or even write blogs! You want to motivate, not force, employee engagement in a free environment.

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3 Tips for a Successful Social Media Advocacy Strategy

Posted on 09/15/2014

Your employees are the key to boosting your efforts in social media. They bring to the table a sense of authenticity that users tend to trust over the company itself while reaching a host of users that may typically be unavailable to the company. In fact, while your company may have a network of followers that boasts quantity compared to your employees’ networks, this number may be a fallacy in that it may only reflect brand awareness - not engagement. By tapping into your employees, your social media strategy can see exponentially greater results in terms of lead generation, user action and brand passion. 

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Creating your Social Strategy

Posted on 07/29/2014

Social media is an interactive way to reach customers and clientele through modern microblogging, driving your prospective buyers to your website. At this point, you’ve probably already opened a myriad of business profiles on websites like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, and the like. You may have even taken the extra step and invested efforts in an RSS Feed (if not, it’s highly recommend. RSS Feeds filter updated information from your website into multiple social media outlets at once, effectively reducing time spent on each site while still keeping them updated. It’s worth the time!). Your next step is coming up with your social media strategy!

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