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The GaggleAMP Blog

GaggleAMP's New LinkedIn/Slideshare Features

Posted on 05/25/2015

An effective social media marketing strategy relies heavily on exploring and taking advantage of new technologies and resources. GaggleAMP is constantly updating and adding features to make sure that we are providing all the tools you need to maintain a successful social media strategy. Here are some of the latest actions GaggleAMP has available:

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5 Things You Should Know About LinkedIn's Ad Network

Posted on 04/27/2015

LinkedIn is a great way to connect with professionals, giving your brand the opportunity to foster B2B relationships or to acquire new potential employees. As such, we at GaggleAMP highly recommend investing effort into LinkedIn in order to get the most out of your social media strategies. With millions of users, LinkedIn’s Ad Network is a great resource for advertisers and marketers. Here are five things you should know about LinkedIn’s Ad Network.

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How to Get the Most out of your LinkedIn Ads

Posted on 04/16/2015

As with advertising on Facebook, Bing, and the like, LinkedIn offers opportunities for businesses to reach out and touch users through advertisements. In fact, LinkedIn ads should already be on your radar if your brand markets in a B2B format. Like any other advertising or marketing opportunity, you can get the most out of your efforts by ensuring you’re tailoring your ads in a way that will make the most impact. Here are a few tips from GaggleAMP on how to get the most out of your LinkedIn ads.

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How to Initiate a Conversation with Prospects on LinkedIn

Posted on 12/04/2014

LinkedIn is a great resource for business professionals, and tapping into this platform can promote your business as well as gain you valuable new contacts and potential employees! At GaggleAMP, one of our goals is to help you establish yourself in the LinkedIn network and extend your reach to those who can’t help but connect to your business and boost your profits. Unfortunately, many professionals who find prospects on LinkedIn lack the know-how when it comes to initiating that first conversation in a way that is both engaging and intriguing. Follow these simple tips and you’ll be sure that your next initial LinkedIn conversation with a prospect is a huge success!

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Publishing Content on LinkedIn to Attract Leads

Posted on 11/13/2014

As a social media marketer, your time and efforts are precious, and you cut out the extras to focus on platforms that gain your company the most traction. LinkedIn is one of the big players, connecting your company with more than 300 million other professionals, many of whom are considered quality leads rather than just quantity. In fact, a study by Hubspot shows LinkedIn generates the highest visitor-to-lead conversion rate at 2.74%, almost 3 times higher (277%) than both Twitter (.69%) and Facebook (.77%). As with any marketing endeavour, you have to input strategic content in order to see the results. Publishing content on LinkedIn can exponentially attract more leads, and GaggleAMP is here to help extend your reach through social advocacy!

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B2B Enterprise Marketers find Lead Generation Success in LinkedIn Groups

Posted on 11/10/2014

Marketers have been turning to social media as a lead generation tool for a few years now but is it paying off?

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35 Ways to Improve LinkedIn Company Page

Posted on 09/18/2014

Creating a LinkedIn Company page is essential to any social media marketing strategy.

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20 Marketing Statistics That Will Drive 2014

Posted on 02/19/2014

The most successful social media marketing teams are constantly researching and predicting where the consumers are and will be, and the best ways to reach them. In 2014, marketers will use dynamic content to deliver targeted, highly-personalized experiences to the right audience at the right time.

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5 LinkedIn Company Page Tips to Enhance Your Marketing

Posted on 11/25/2013

On Social Media Examiner, Jason Miller, Senior Manager, Content Marketing, Marketing Solutions at LinkedIn, recently did a great blog post on tips to enhance your marketing using LinkedIn Company Pages.

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5 LinkedIn Company Page Tips to Enhance Your Marketing

Posted on 10/30/2013

Senior Manager, Content Marketing & Social at LinkedIn, Jason Miller, wrote a great post on Social Media Examiner. In the post, Jason identifies 5 great tips to help you get the most out of your LinkedIn company page.

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