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What are Employee Advocates and Why do you Need Them?

Posted on 11/23/2015

Your employee advocates are pivotal in the success of your content marketing strategy, and their success can greatly impact the success of your company as a whole.

As an integral part of your content marketing strategy, employee advocates are an essential piece to the marketing puzzle. But before you begin to craft an employee advocacy program, it’s important to have a fully defined concept of what an employee advocate actually is, what they do, and their potential as marketers, as these qualities will therefore answer the question, ‘Why do you need them?’ Check out this infographic to discover just how big of an asset your employee advocates can be. 

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Unlock Marketing ROI with Employee Attribution

Posted on 07/03/2015

Creating an employee advocacy program should be at the top of your priorities if you still haven’t put one into play. But the only way to truly reap the rewards from your employee advocates is to find methods and metrics to measure their successes. This measurement can be in regards to direct leads and click-through conversions. Measuring these analytics can be a stumbling block for many, though, as tracking employee attribution is hard to measure in broad terms. You can, though, measure employee attribution based on what your company receives through employee outreach. Measuring the effectiveness of your employee advocacy program by tracking employee attribution is essential to the development and growth of your social media marketing campaign as a whole.

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Employees are the Missing Piece of Your Marketing Plan

Posted on 07/02/2015

Your company likely spends countless hours and dollars investing in the development of a marketing strategy. Whether you're hiring your marketing professionals, developing and organizing your plan of attack, or simply fostering the development of your strategy, the effort you put into your marketing can have a large impact on the success of the brand as a whole. But many overlook one of the most - if not the most - important pieces to the puzzle : your employees.

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Analyzing Employee Impact

Posted on 06/25/2015

At GaggleAMP, we’re continually stressing the importance of utilizing employees for boosting your marketing efforts and extending your social reach. Indeed, employee advocates are a highly undervalued resource for many brands, but the potential within those employees can be monumental. But what is the actual value of your employee advocates? What impacts do they have on your business? And what is the true potential that each employee advocate holds?

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