GA More for LessContent marketers today are always looking for ways to get their carefully-made content distributed to the most people possible in efficient and effective ways. Even the best infographic can go to waste in the Twitter feed of users, so the goal for these marketers is to find ways to amplify content better and reach the biggest pool of users at the most efficient spend levels possible. Many third party companies aim to capitalize on this need by providing services to help amplify content (sponsored posts on Facebook, for instance), but sometimes it’s the simplest of supports that can have the most impact. At GaggleAMP, rather than paying to make our way into the feeds of social media users, we help companies utilize their existing resources to get the biggest bang for their buck! Get more for less by engaging your employees and adding employee advocacy to your marketing playbook.

As we've just mentioned, there are a myriad of distribution techniques that can be bought and utilized by companies to generate buzz and spread content. Many of these techniques emphasize quantity over quality, and while this may boost your numbers slightly, it’s important to note that more effective techniques are available for use that can still reach large numbers of social media users but with a better connection point. Your employees are one of your best assets to distributing content, and many times companies attempt to throw money at distribution services that aren’t even half as effective as if they had simply just engaged their employees to do the job.

Your employees are already in your service, already spreading the good news, and already have customer and client databases set up on their social media profiles. They’re viewed as trustworthy sources, and they have the ability to form strong connections with users due to their innate personable nature as compared to you - the company - simply trying to reach customers directly. With GaggleAMP, our goal is to harness the power of your employees as effective marketing tools, helping them to distribute your content FOR you. The result is a much more effective marketing strategy and an emphasis on both quantity AND quality.

When your best resources (your employees) are given the tools to reach the most people (with GaggleAMP), you’re capitalizing on the best of both worlds to tap into the most users possible and in the most effective ways. By putting most of your content marketing budget into your employees, you’re getting more traction and results with less effort and money.

Empowering Employees to Become Your Greatest Ambassadors