Empower Employees to Share on Social Media

Empower Employees to Share on Social Media

GA ShareYour employees can impact the success of your social media strategy exponentially through their social sharing activities. Indeed, their networks may only be connected to your company through said employee, making them a key player in extending your social reach. Many of the biggest industry leaders nationwide recognize this resource and choose to empower their employees to become active social advocates, influencing the impacts that your brand can have on several virtual platforms.


Turning your employees into advocates can impact several areas of your company - not just social media. Thought leader Ted Rubin aims to spearhead this argument with the notion that disengaged employees can actually become social advocates for your company, helping to improve employee retention while increasing your social media strategy’s success. In his article Turning Disengaged Employees into Advocates, Rubin delves into the logic behind the hidden potential of your employees.

Rubin first notes that customers are more likely to share your brand’s posts and ‘spread the good news’, so to speak, when they’re happy with your company. He iterates that positive brand perception is the key to a seamless impact from company to customer via social media. He then notes that the same can be said for happy employees.

Indeed, many companies began their approach to social media in its days of infancy with skepticism and caution. After it was quickly apparent the impact that one could have on social media, managers and marketing leaders censored their staff and employees with the hopes of muting any potentially wayward posts. But the fact of the matter is that your employees are going to share their experiences on social media no matter what, so why not make their postings positive?

Nowadays, the best route to empowering your employee advocates is to provide them with a clear, simple, and concise company policy to help guide them in their postings and then to provide them with content that is engaging and easy to share! Obviously, providing your employees with a satisfying work environment is essential to having a genuine advocate, but the result can be an improvement in your social media efforts as well as an improvement in your employees’ happiness, loyalty, and trust in your company.

While Rubin is only one of many thought leaders in the industry, you don’t have to take his word for it to see the success that this empowerment has had for companies nationwide. This idea of supporting your employees and creating advocates is permeating brands across the board, and those who master these tips are sure to reap the rewards.

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